MSNBC: ‘Pro-Lifers Are Pedophiles’

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MSNBC calls pro-lifers pedophiles

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has declared that all pro-lifers are pedophiles who want to control women during her Wednesday night show.

Reid used a decades-old out-of-context soundbite from Daily Wire host Matt Walsh to claim pro-lifers want to get young girls pregnant so they don’t go to college and compete with men in the workplace. reports: After airing the out-of-context clip from Walsh, Reid went right into attack mode and falsely claimed the pro-life movement has been “really great branding but it isn’t real. They just want power and they would love to have women under control and they feel women are out of control.” 

Going further off the rails, Reid claimed “the problem is modernity. It’s that modern women are harder to control. They go off and get their fancy college educations, then they want to compete with you in the workplace.”

Continuing her deranged rantings, the hateful bigoted host cried that “they want to do the stuff men can do, they want to play sports like men. They all of a sudden don’t want to be under control.”

Reid argued that conservatives want minors to get pregnant because “a teenager who’s stuck at home raising a bunch of children she has no idea how to raise is actually really controllable.” 

Johnson took the hate a step forward by claiming Walsh is “looking for a nice undereducated woman under the age of 18 to pop out my babies and listen to me talk about how smart I am.” 

He then smeared the entire pro-life movement by claiming “that’s what these guys are about. We know that’s what the women who support them are about.” 

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