IKEA Responded To The Best Customer Complaint Ever In The Best Way Possible

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A rather funny customer service letter to IKEA by a disappointed customer in Ireland has gone viral this week for a few reasons – one was the email itself, which many are describing as “epic”, but also for what IKEA did in response to the kind, but heavy-handed e-mail.

According to The Irish Mirror [1]:

Kelly Earley has been on a mission to find a specific dressing gown for a while now, and on a recent visit, when she just could not find the fluffy robe, she decided to take matters into her own hands, with an email that was quite simply a masterpiece.


Kelly kicked off with a quick introduction: “Dear IKEA,I have been behind you from day one. Many of my family members don’t “get” IKEA. I have scoffed at comment made by the people I love which claimed that your store layout was confusing and tedious. I could not see what they saw.

“Every trip to IKEA was enjoyable, moderate exercise to me…I was once the person who stopped at almost every display and forced my loved ones to sit down in them with me and pretend that we lived in them.


But then it came to describing her quest to hunt down the NUTJA bathrobe – as she explained trying on the robe made her realise what is truly important to her in life “and that is being very comfortable”.

She continued: “Everything was going according to plan until I reached the textiles floor…I did one more thorough inspection of the towel section and it became clear that I couldn’t do this alone.”

It was time to ask for help, read the details of Kelly’s encounters in full below.


That fateful day was to prove to be a fruitless trip to IKEA for Kelly: “On the 5th of July 2015, for the first time in my life, I left IKEA with a heavy heart.”


Kelly and her heavy heart headed home, conjured up this hilarious email – and that was that.

But IKEA weren’t going to let it lie, and had a big surprise in store for Kelly.



So it just goes to show – it pays to get in touch.


[1] http://www.irishmirror.ie/whats-on/whats-on-news/ikeas-response-irish-girls-epic-6062393

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