Mass Cattle Deaths Are an ‘Inside Job’ Designed To Cause Food Shortages in America, Experts Warn

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Mass cattle deaths in USA sends shockwaves through food supply industry

Following the recent spate of fires at food facilities across the United States, experts are now warning that the sudden deaths of thousands of cattle might be related as part of a sinister plot to create mass food shortages in America.

According to the mainstream media, the deaths of thousands of cattle in Kansas over the weekend are the result of “heat.”

Yet cows are incredibly resilient and frequently endure the high temperatures that the Midwest is experiencing right now. So why are thousands of cattle suddenly dropping dead? reports:, like the rest of the conventional media, says the deaths were caused by a combination of heat, humidity and lack of wind. CNBC is also reporting that the The Kansas Department of Health and Environment agrees with this assessment.

Yet I am personally near hundreds of head of cattle in central Texas where temperatures are the same (and the days are even longer this time of year due to the more southern latitude). I see Longhorn cattle, Angus, Blanco and other breeds abound in Central Texas, yet I don’t see thousands of cattle dropping dead anywhere.

Digging into this issue further, I called one of my friends who owns several hundred head of cattle. He was already aware of the Kansas “mass death” event and had been discussing it with other cattle owners. I asked him if he believed the media story that all these cattle suddenly died from heat exposure. His answer?

“I doubt it very seriously that so many would drop dead all at the same time,” he told me. “In a heat-related incident, they wouldn’t all drop dead at the same time. You would see a few dead at a time, scattered across the herd, but not so many deaths all at once.”

When I asked him if he thinks these are natural deaths or something more like sabotage, he said, “I’m thinking it’s something nefarious.”

Bovine epidemics can also cause large-scale simultaneous death, but no one is claiming these are bovine epidemic deaths. So that leaves only a couple of possibilities in the realm of sabotage: 1) Poisoning of the water, 2) Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).

This is on top of over 100 documented cases of arson sabotage of food facilities across the USA. Our research staff has put together the full details on each of these (date, location, facility name, description of the fire incident) and we will be publishing this new, updated list soon.

The deliberate take down of the economy and the food supply

What many Americans are waking up to now is the reality that our own government is at war with We the People. They are deliberately destroying the energy infrastructure and obliterating the economy. They are crashing asset markets and utterly destroying the future viability of pensions. And now, it’s clear they’re taking down the food supply chain on purpose, thrusting the American people into food scarcity, food inflation and real famine.

It seems as if the illegitimate Biden regime — which was never actually elected into power — wants to create nationwide riots before the mid-term elections so they can justify a declaration of martial law or some other national emergency. They need something big to break so they can try to cancel the elections or force nationwide mail-in voting so they can steal the election results yet again (like they did in 2020).

With each passing day, they tear down something else that keeps the economy running: Pipelines, international trade, railroads, infant formula manufacturing, etc. Week after week, the food collapse intensifies while food prices skyrocket. The end result is abundantly obvious: Widespread food scarcity combined with sky-high prices that few will be able to afford.

And then on top of that, the question now emerges: Are they deliberately running out and mass murdering cattle, too? We know the Biden regime is run by insane, criminal lunatics who despise beef and ranching operations, but are they really willing to go that far to create a food crisis and try to suspend the elections?

Of course they’re that crazy. They’re Democrats, the party that celebrates murdering their own children after they’re born. Mass murdering cows is nothing to them. In fact, a recent poll shows that nearly half of young male democrats believe that assassinating a politician is completely okay. This poll, astonishingly, was carried out by the left-wing SPLC. As the Daily Caller reports:

Forty-four percent of the “younger Democratic men” surveyed in the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) poll approved of “assassinating a politician who is harming the country or our democracy.” That was the highest rate of any gender, party and age combination.

Remember, these same left-wing fascists believe that carbon dioxide is killing the planet. Thus, they have no problem justifying mass murder of animals or humans as long as they believe it “saves the planet.”

California, run by these same death cult Democrats, has just approved an actual infanticide bill that legalizes the murder of a perfectly healthy child up to 7 days after birth, reports Charisma News.

So yes, these same people who gladly murder their own children and who justify murdering political opponents would not hesitate for a second to mass murder cattle if it meant creating a food crisis that leads to the chaos they want.

Nobody is surprised anymore at the evil of the Democrats.

They will do absolutely anything to try to stay in power, which is exactly why we must work overtime to remove them from power.


  1. That won’t kill a cow, wind or humidity, but an engineered pathogen designed to kill cows surely will.

    “heat, humidity and lack of wind”

  2. I’m sure the foot and mouth disease we were being warned is heading here along with the new disease, swollen spots disease didn’t happen without organisation. Like covid all over the globe almost overnight. As if. They hate truth and beuty, they hate Jesus and Christians. Pope Benedict said. And they run the world. By rule of law

  3. We, the People Are Going To Have To Do Something about these Traitors or We will Die…Our enemy IS within.

    • It was never the USSR, Vietnam, Al Queda, ISIS. Our enemies have been in our own MSM, goverment and Hollywood.

      • No. They’re servants who comply to their Superiors. The true rulers hide behind disguises. The MSM are controlled ENTIRELY by the law If they publish one word out of line they’re shit down censured or punished. The government are fools who want an easy life and good pay with no real work of any kind Just sitting around trying to stay awake most days waiting for lunch and dinner.
        A bit of speaking before elections then cruising looking “busy “by hiding usually and not being available to their constituents except through some little receptionist who can pass messages. Hollywood is just a den of corruption and an extension of the English movie studios that spawned it.

        • Your enemy is the rule of law that allows all crimes they want concealed to be concealed. Using the cops and Courts as their tools.

    • Yeah, it’s a lot like the people dropping out. I wonder what kinds of stuff they are pumping in the livestock. I know they give them all kinds of shots constantly. It’s funny no one mentions it could be bad medcine. You might want to be careful about what you eat.

      • Somebody suggested it could have been DEW. Direct Energy Weapon—they have also been blamed for starting fires in Ca. and their are proof that something from the sky started some of those fires–a Red laser light showed up on a couple of people as they were keeping track of earthquakes–they caught it in real time and maybe something was watching the day the cows all died. DEW is something that I’m not sure we can protect ourselves from.

      • Meat is filled with female hormones to make them fat Meat gives men man boobs People can eat a thumb nail size piece if meat a day. One of the biggest secrets that keep is that over eating protein is unhealthy. Gluten is protein Pulses seeds etc are proteins. TAURINE is about all we need from meat and we only need a tiny bit a day. And I’m pretty sure it’s in dairy anyway.

        • BEEF come from steers not cows or bulls for the most part so less normal weight on a grass fed steer so the feedLOT fattening.ZERO FEMALE HORMONES as growth hormones in USDA beef is illegal.Steers are leaner than bulls but cows are breed for years and ground into the mix at some point for ground beef but only mostly at around 30% or less matters on the mix you want

  4. All dropped dead at the same time due to heat–open and shut case according to them. The heat is over a hundred every year….

  5. The news article I read yesterday said that this happens every year although not to this extent. There’s no need to look for a conspiracy in everything because some of the stuff that’s going to happen over the next few years will actually occur naturally.

  6. It’s a cool, wet summer in Kansas with low humidity. Could it be another Covid 19 Experiment on Cattle? And is the Mainstream Media telling lies again?

  7. many factors-Twister kills/H20 bad from chemicals in the runoff due to the higher than normal rain falls.Imported shipped around BREED lacking the right bio/s for the place and heat.But sounds like RUNoff full of weed killer dead dead and dead just like the weeds

  8. Higher than normal water table brings the weed killer into the mix EVERYTIME and that many deaths 99% sure weed killer runoff in thier water as they suck down many gallons of water this time of year in the midwest even while eating grass anyway

  9. The breeds are not like the buffalo and suck water endlessly whereas buffalo get thier H20 from the grass mostly so bad/bio breeding is also a factor very few longhorns also which are better suited to heat and bad summer weather. Some ship thier steers all over the country now to try to add weight faster

  10. DEW weapons wins my vote. They leave no trace behind. Satellites and stealth drones, operated by the Deep State, armed with DEW, targeting structures to blow up and burn to the ground, and now cattle herds. Expect to see more and more .. until it is so blatantly obvious to even the most hardcore liberals.

  11. FEED LOT or not? breeder rushing cattle to market for high price cashin in the dog days of summer mean dead cattle.You say feed lots in one and feilds in the other? WTF no onwe FEED LOTS their cattle in the dog days of summer but those rushing to market for the high price cashin and to cover thier higher fuel costs so on.Cattle in the feild? water BAD .cattle in the feedlot dogdays over heating no cooling sprinkler systems and too many cattle at near market could mean a rush to market for the cash or the market is going to crash soon as houseing is starting to do again

    • Currency is just tokenism. Reality is not fiction, like fiat currency, reality is physical power to kill imprison silence control by force where necessary. By rule of law.

      • The board of directors of the BANK OF ENGLAND control it That changes But the agenda is to keepthe CITY OF London as the global centre of all financial services. The richest Square mile on earth
        It grew rich from COLONIALISM aka Imperialism AKA GLOBALISM and SLAVERY.

  12. Do you remember back in the great depression how the federal reserve bank killed millions of pigs while millions of Americans were starving?
    Samething is going on here, but they are doing it in the shadows. they passed acts of congress to restrict the food supply. So Americans would suffer.

    • The rule of law killed them hiding behind the bank. Its the law, not the bank. There’s some obvious interaction but at the end of the day the LAW does it.

      • And during the great depression everyone suffered globally Tooany news sources report as if the rest of the world’s suffering isn’t there and its immoral to diminish every other nations people on the planet.

      • it is the bank that controls the law. “give me the power to print a nations money, I care not what her laws are” rottenchild.

          • No they don’t. Your trusting the nazis that control the I internet and set up Ukraine. That is set up. Ww3.
            Not a smart idea to believe them.

        • He was 1 person at 1 point in time. After Morgan took over and CREATED the federal reserve the tosthchulds have not been the main bankers Not since the early 1900s .

          • The Rottenchilds were not just one person, they are a family, a network of people with a tradition of increasing control from one generation to the next. The morgans, roosevelts were tools of the rottenchilds, the puppet master. So you are telling me that the rottenchilds decided to give up their banking agenda in the 1900s? They just got bored with it all and retired?
            No, they funded the Nazis, the soviet union and their war to reduce the Christian and Jewish populations, then come in and sieze control over the regions.
            They also infiltrated you lovely Catholic Church and they pretty much own it now and choose the pope of their liking.
            They funded and engineered the EU.
            They own and operate the federal reserve bank.
            They are the ones that installed Biden.
            They chose Trump to be the opposition, but didn’t want him to actually win. a mistake was made with that one, but they got Trump under control later midterm. They got his mind right and let him know who was in control. they found all his skeletons in his closet, ones he was afraid of. So Trump backed down and became subservient to the banksters.
            You see, the power is the control of the printing of the currency. period, end of paragraph. That is the force that runs world.
            Take that away, the entire edifice comes crumbling down. If the world brings back honest money, they are finished as a international power.
            It is not the Pope for petes sake. The pope is a dressed up moron with an affection for children. They use that to control him. they pay him in children for his little anti God speeches. The pope doesn’t own anything, he just gets to walk around in extravagant costumes, and walk the halls of beautiful buildings. That is it. he is nothing.

          • no, printing money enables the central bankers to buy the law. don’t you get it?

  13. lint was alive in the great depression so he is over 100 now.Meat is never a cost affective food in hardtimes.And in the great depression it was the DUST BOWL EFFECT of over farming and not having any ground cover and the top soil started blowing away plus no rain.There was no market it was each farmer raiseing thier own food.The goverment had nothing to do with the top soil blowning away in the wind due to bad farm management but later did step in and the farm comission made the farmers follow thier rules now there are farming rules for farmers&ranchers everywhere.ALL pigs have the be vaxed chicken farmers have tons of rules pig famers have more rules.But the rush to market while the market is HOT while in the dog days of summer was a bad move.While cattle in the feild unfinished need tending also and that takes fuel time and ranch hands with no money coming in thus the rush to market pushed to feed lots in the dog days.Beans&rice and non-feedlot all grass fed cattle are better anyway and sell for more in the states.The feed lot cattle are headed over seas as japan loves marbelled beef and so do many other countrys.

  14. weather stress means no cooling ponds for feild cattle or bad runoff or lack of feed.DOG DAY summer feedLOTs over filled means overhead costs are forcing to market cattle that should`nt be at market yet.BAD times and unstable market no UFO cornfussionas SS

  15. No, on heat deaths. A few staggered maybe. CA murder bill still has to go through the Senate. There is no set precedent for ‘perinatal’; one judge has found it it to be up to 7 years… ya, they don’t talk about that

  16. I see a lot of discussion regarding the federal reserve. Please remember that the FR is neither federal, nor a reserve

    • Exactly Most people are too lazy to bother and research anything and just spew reactions to. Baits designed yo deceive them Every Republic on earth is regulated by the reserve banking system Not just America. And its controlled by the board of directors of the Bank of England via the Bank of International Settlements. Its readily available information to anyone who can be bothered to think.

    • but they control our federal, state and local governments via bribery, black mail, voter fraud, and murder.

    • Unfortunately D they’re people who are in societies and clubs and fraternities of generational families globally. It’s not as it seems It’s an extensive global network of people and its designed to survive revutions. Its built into the system.

  17. A huge thermal heat dome with the jetstream going in a circle has all the wildlife&Live stock in total heat stress in most of the country with temps near 100 and UV index`s off the charts

  18. It is a weather pathern without any rain for the most part DOG days of summer and the japan falloff from the five nuclear reactors melted down and the radioactives still leaking worldwide plus may other nuclear leakages worldwide.The O zone is damaged so the UV is burning up plants and bio

  19. communicational satellite microwaveNET whiteout UV many many times over the FCC limits not being enforced any more due to the international satellite network not falling under FCC rules or limits any more worldwide system unlimited some war some communicational

  20. The further north you go this time of year, the longer the days are. Think…”Land of the Midnight Sun.”

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