New Law Would Require $175 Permit To Wear A Costume In Times Square

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‘Today Councilmember Andy King will introduce legislation that would require costumed characters in Times Square to pay a registration fee of $175, carry a photo ID, submit to a background check, and face fines for noncompliance. “If you’re out there in a costume and we can’t recognize who you are, we’re gonna ask you to present ID,” King says. “If you can’t present ID, officers will have the option of asking you to leave the location, give you a fine, or removing you from the location.”

King’s bill, which focuses on so-called “Costumed Individuals,” requires those who dress up or paint their faces “for the sole purpose of taking pictures for entertainment reasons” to pay a $175 registration fee to the Department of Consumer Affairs. “The fee can be waived depending on if you have any financial difficulties that would be hurtful for you to try and raise that fee,” King adds.

A first violation of the law would cost the “Costumed Individual” as much as $50, $100 for a second, and $500 for additional infractions should the city decide to pursue legal action.’

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