Former Democrat Party Chairman ‘Streamed Live Videos of Child Sex Abuse’

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Harold "H.L." Moody, a former Democratic Party chairman, streamed live videos of children being raped, distributed child pornography to other pedophiles, and regularly smoked methamphetamine out of a glass pipe while seated at his desk during work hours, according to the testimony of a federal agent.

Harold “H.L.” Moody, a former Democratic Party chairman, streamed live videos of children being raped, distributed child pornography to other pedophiles, and regularly smoked methamphetamine out of a glass pipe while seated at his desk during work hours, according to the testimony of a federal agent.

Jason Bennett, a special agent for Homeland Security Investigations, said an undercover agent took “screen shots” of Moody sitting at his desk and conversing with other pedophiles in the secret chatroom on “more than one occasion” between Aug. 29 and Oct. 12.

Moody, 39, was fired from his job of nearly two years immediately after his arrest on the evening of Nov. 5, when agents executed a search-and-seizure warrant at his downtown Little Rock apartment. Bennett said screen shots also captured Moody using the app while he was at home.

Moody was also a political consultant. He was hired by the county after a year-and-a-half stint as communications director for the Democratic Party of Arkansas. Before that, he had been chairman of the Democratic Party in Pulaski County for two years.

Arkansas Online reports: Bennett’s testimony helped convince a federal judge to order Moody to remain in federal custody until his trial on two counts of receipt of child pornography, three counts of distribution of child pornography and a single count of conspiring to advertise child pornography.

The trial is tentatively set to begin in January.

Harold ‘H.L’ Moody with former President Bill Clinton.

The details surrounding Moody’s arrest emerged during a hearing at which his attorney, Chris Tarver of the federal public defender’s office, sought to have him released pending trial. Tarver asked that Moody be allowed to return to the downtown Little Rock apartment he shares with his partner or that he be committed to an in-patient drug-treatment facility.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Volpe said he was inclined to release Moody to an in-patient care facility until Assistant U.S. Attorney Kristin Bryant convinced him that Moody poses a risk of flight and could be a danger to the community, though it was “a close call.”

Bryant argued that Moody has sophisticated computer skills, is connected to shadowy figures who share child pornography across the globe and faces a minimum 15-year prison sentence if convicted on the conspiracy charge, which “ups the ante significantly” that he might flee before trial.

Harold ‘H.L’ Moody with Hillary Clinton.

While Bennett testified that agents found 15 images of child pornography on one of the devices found in Moody’s apartment, Bryant said federal agents haven’t been able to access all of the devices because they are password-protected, so “we don’t know if he’s a producer of child pornography,” and, “I don’t think we know how much of a danger to the community he is.”

Agents also found two grams of methamphetamine at Moody’s home and a half-gram of the drug in his office desk drawer, Bennett said.

In asking the judge to detain Moody, Bryant also cited the nature of the photographs and videos he is accused of distributing — images of babies and young children being raped — and his apparent rapidly escalating involvement. She pointed to the agent’s testimony that Moody was initially observed viewing the images, then distributing them and eventually even hosting sessions in which people in a secure chatroom stream live videos of infants being raped.

Bennett testified that the chatrooms in which an undercover officer encountered Moody are accessible through a computer application that he wouldn’t identify. He said they require a room code and a password to enter, and “are solely dedicated to displaying child pornography.”

The agent called Moody a “high-volume user” who logged in and out several times a day — including 26 times in a two-day span — and who was given the privilege of being a host, which indicates he did something to ingratiate himself with the person who is in charge of the rooms.

Tarver put on testimony from Moody’s partner, Gabriel Womack, who said he broke off their engagement this summer after finding methamphetamine in their apartment and after Moody admitted to being addicted to the drug. Womack said Moody has made at least two attempts to stop, but can’t. He said, “This is a drug issue.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. I just wish that the rest of America would see this and get the real picture of what is going on in the country.
    Or maybe they do get the picture and really don’t care.
    We the People are paying the price for allowing Evil to prosper over the past decades.

    • This type of thing has been going on for much longer than that. It’s been hidden mostly but because we now have a President who cares, it’s being revealed and these people WILL be put away.

  2. Yet another hushed up story and the sickness with the most evil anti American party on the face of this planet. And the damn gull of this sob to maybe be allowed to bond out .Wtf a bullet is to good for this pos to die

  3. One more Clinton scandal the msm will not cover. Local affiliates in my hometown are avoiding anything damaging to democratic high officials running the cities and the state, There are a host of stories msm will not cover.

  4. How could anyone, sit and watch and for pleasure a child being raped? Then to think of a little infant being done that way? This is so sick, so evil, so VILE, and what is scary is that, you can’t tell who all engages in this! This absolutely normal looking guy, is a SICK TWISTED PEDOPHILE! Horrifying!

  5. So yet another pedophile that is associated with the Clintons. Jeffrey Epstein allowed Bill Clinton to fly on the Lolita Express numerous times and visited Orgy Island where young girls were held as sex slaves. Now this guy Harold Moody sending out child sex videos.

  6. “15 months minimal in jail” for showing BABIES BEING RAPED! He should be EXECUTED! But our legal system knows best, right? After all, it’s JUST A BABY!! Now if he had shown pics of other gays being RAPED, THE WHOLE OF UNITED STATES WOULD be IN AN UPROAR!! But BABIES?? THEY CANT SPEAK SO WHO CARES!!???? THEIR CRIES OF TORTURE??!!! AMERICA!!?? YOU WILL ANSWER!! AND I HOPE SOON!!!!!

  7. They went there,,, blaming his filthy evil behavior on drugs! His deed wasn’t a one time thing! I’m not an addict, but I’ve known several, and none of them behaved like this man! He’s a disgusting pos! There’s no excuse,,, but pure evil. I’m asking,,, where’s the media coverage on this??? Oh, pardon me, he’s a Democrat, and being, “protected” from the media. I’ll help get it out there! I can’t share this fast enough. I pray that he pays, even if from the Lord above.

  8. Anyone who harms children deserves no mercy…and should receive none.
    This person…if convicted…should be hung by his neck until dead.

  9. Dear God, PLEASE wipe these people off the face of the earth! If they do not represent satan’s army, then I don’t know what does. PLEASE heal the souls of the children they raped and abused and keep them safe from further harm. Lord PLEASE heal our land…

    In Jesus’s name, we pray.

  10. A baby raping advocate: I pray God makes him suffer! This is way beyond drugs. It’s demonic, satanic and sick.

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