David Walliams New Book ‘Beast of Buckingham Palace’ Released Amid Prince Andrew Scandal

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David Walliams new children’s book -The Beast of Buckingham Palace- has been released amid Prince Andrew’s sex scandal.

Coincidence or not, the release of David’s new book has caused quite a stir, not for it’s content but because of the perfect timing of its release, considering Prince Andrew is being questioned about his relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

RT reports: At pretty much any other point in 2019, the online commentariat would hardly have batted an eyelid at Walliams’ book title, however, in the immediate aftermath of Prince Andrew’s disastrous BBC interview and subsequent demotion to royal family pariah, online commentators could hardly contain themselves. 

“As they say, the secret of comedy is timing,” comedian Frankie Boyle said in response to the release.


The car crash interview saw the Duke of York attempt to defend and downplay his friendship with suspected sex trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He has since been summarily dumped by a series of companies and charities with whom he worked before being dismissed from public duties by the Queen herself. 

To add insult to injury for the disgraced Prince, there’s now a children’s book out in time for Christmas which has, once again, drawn the public’s attention to, at best, his alleged indiscretions and worst his alleged sex crimes. 

Walliams’ own tweet announcing the book has been hijacked by users who simply couldn’t contain their macabre mirth at the fortuitous timing.

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