Pirates Pay BitTorrent To Go Ads Free

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People and pirates have been downloading content from the internet using file sharing for some time now.

uTorrent, the popular peer to peer file sharing BitTorrent client is offering an ads-free version of their service to 150 million users for $5 per year.

venturebeat reports:

BitTorrent has unveiled a new annual subscription option that removes ads from the torrent-streaming service. The launch follows a short beta period, and the option — priced at a modest $4.95 per year — joins the existing $19.95 annual Pro tier, as well as the free ad-supported service.

As you would expect, there are extra benefits to signing up for the Pro incarnation, including virus protection, customer support, and instant streaming. But for those who can do without those perks and simply don’t like ads, well, this new offering will likely prove popular.

uTorrent apologized to its users for the past, reports: engadget:

There are now three tiers: a free app with ads, the new $5 ad-free version and uTorrent Pro, which also gives you virus protection, support and instant streaming for $20 per year. It’s normally possible to disable ads in the free version, though we’re not sure if uTorrent has closed that loophole with the new paid version. Last year, uTorrent tried to milk its huge user base by forcing them to mine bitcoins, but it quickly discontinued the practice and apologized to users.

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