Doctors Warn Julian Assange May Die In Jail Due To Shameful Treatment By UK Authorities

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Doctors are warning that Julian Assange’s health is now so bad that he may die in jail

More than 60 doctors say that Assange is being treated as a terrorist by UK authorities, amounting to what is ‘almost murder by state’

In an open letter to the British home secretary they warn that the shameful treatment of the WikiLeaks founder has puts his life at risk and essentially denied him the right to a fair trial. The doctors have called for Assange to be moved from Belmarsh high-security prison to hospital.

Earlier this month, Assange’s Father voiced the same concerns.

RT reports: Assange, the founder of anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks is being held in a top security prison in the UK and may be extradited to the US to face trial on espionage charges. The only crime he has been convicted of is skipping bail, but the treatment he is receiving from Britain is usually reserved for highly dangerous violent criminals.

“He is isolated for 23 hours a day. I think this is what treatment of terrorists [looks like],” said Australian doctor Margaret Beavis.

Dr. Beavis is one of over 60 medics, who signed an open letter in support of Assange, demanding that he is offered proper healthcare and warning that his life may be currently in danger. The man is apparently suffering from severe depression, a condition that seriously affects a person’s mental capacities, she told RT.

I have to say as an Australian I am very disappointed that our government has failed to provide good care for him in terms of advocating for him as an Australian citizen.

British physician Marco Chiesa, another signatory of the letter, said if Assange does die in jail due to a lack of medical treatment, it would be “almost a murder by the state.”

“If the same situation happened in a different country, let’s say Cuba, there would have been a very different position held by the British government and the mainstream media,” he said.

But Dr. Chiesa is not expecting London to change its mistreatment of Assange despite public pressure and thinks he will likely be forced to stand before the court in February as scheduled regardless of his physical and mental state.

Assange is facing extradition to the US, where he would face espionage charges carrying a prison sentence of up to 175 years. His supporters say he is being persecuted by Washington and its allies for publishing material exposing their wrongdoings.

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