Trudeau Says He Feels ‘Serene and Confident’ Over Illegal Decision To Freeze Protestors’ Bank Accounts

Fact checked
Justin Trudeau says he feels serene and confident in decision to freeze bank accounts of protestors

In his testimony before the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau boasted that he feels “serene and confident” in his illegal use of the Emergencies Act in blocking the Freedom Convoy protest by freezing the bank accounts of protestors.

Trudeau admitted that the protests were not violent but still insisted that his decision to use the law was justified.

“There was no loss of life. There was no serious violence. There hasn’t been a recurrence of these kinds of illegal occupations since then. I am absolutely serene and confident that I made the right choice in agreeing with the invocation,” Trudeau told the commission. reports: Trudeau said that the “responsibility of a prime minister is to make the tough calls and keep people safe.”

Before the Emergencies Act was invoked, Trudeau said that those opposing Covid measures and restrictions were of a “small, fringe minority” who had “unacceptable views.”