Cover-Up: FBI Again Blocks Production of Records in Seth Rich Murder

Fact checked
FBI blocks records in Seth Rich murder case

The FBI has yet again blocked the release of all documents related to the Seth Rich murder case.

In a clear attempt to prevent the public from learning the truth about the alleged DNC whistleblower, the FBI requested to delay the release of documents related to the case.

On Thursday, the legal team, including Ty Clevenger, received a document from the FBI and DOJ where they make excuses and request additional time to produce documents related to suspicious circumstances around Seth Rich’s murder. 

They now are saying they have 1,563 pages of responsive information that they need more time to sift through: reports: In December, after four years of stonewalling, the FBI finally admitted they had documentation regarding Seth Rich that they had not released.

The FBI also finally admitted that they had Seth Rich’s laptop but they claimed they never looked at it.

The Russia collusion sham was conjured up by Hillary only a few days after Seth Rich was murdered in Washington D.C.

The Mueller gang and James Comey and Rosenstein pushed the Russia sham and yet they knew there was some evidence Seth Rich had interacted with WikiLeaks.

Instead, Mueller and the gang went on a multi-year fright fest attacking any person connected to the Trump team, and yet they knew Russia was a scam.  Mueller never did ask WikiLeaks who was their source of emails released in 2016 related to the DNC.  Mueller didn’t want to know the answer because it wasn’t Russia.