Leaked Document Shows U.S. Had Planned To Destabilise Syria In 2006

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Wikileaks document reveals U.S plan to destabilise Syria in 2006

A WikiLeaks document of a telegram sent from Damascus reveals that the US planned to destabilise Syria back in 2006 – 5 years before the conflict began in 2011.

The classified document outlines the US plan to destabilise the Syrian government, and hints at the possible US involvement in the creation of ISIS.

Albawaba.com reports:

There have been several conspiracy theories when it comes to the US involvement with Daesh (ISIS) — creating the militant group to overthrow Assad and destabilize the region. This document appears to support some of those theories.

“Possible actions” to destabilize the regime addressed lots of issues that continue to play on Middle Eastern politics today, often seeming to have a disregard for the consequences for Syrians. Strategies included using the media to cause “Bashar personal angst and may lead him to act irrationally.”

Another listed strategy was playing on “Sunni fears of Iranian influence,” a description that seems to fit the militants who formed Daesh.