Hillary Clinton Cancels ‘Victory’ Fireworks On Tuesday Night

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Hillary Clinton cancels election night victory celebrations

Hillary Clinton has cancelled a celebratory fireworks display scheduled on election night, fuelling rumors that her campaign are bracing to lose the election.

Clinton had scheduled to hold an indulgent fireworks display over the Hudson River, but abruptly cancelled it this week in lieu of tightening poll numbers and new WikiLeaks scandals coming to light, Your News Wire has learned.

They do have a permit for fireworks, but at this point we believe the fireworks is canceled,” Tommy Galati from the NYPD said at a press conference.

When Galati was asked why the fireworks were canceled, he responded, “I cannot tell you that.”

Hillary was hoping to start the 2-minute fireworks display at the unusually early time of 9:30 p.m. – just 30 minutes after the polls close in New York.

It looks like Hillary may be preparing for a more sombre outcome that she was hoping.