Couple Abducted And Beaten By Gang In Rural India

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A Female student and her boyfriend riding a Motorbike were abducted and assaulted by a gang as they traveled in rural India.

The attackers used WhatsApp to show footage of their attack. The 10 minute attack was filmed on one of their mobile phones and shows the couple pleading with the attackers as they were being slapped, kicked and punched by the net savvy rural gang.

The independent reports:

The female college student, who has not been identified, was with her friend on a motorbike at a market in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, when they were surrounded by the gang earlier this month. India Today reported that the six boys forced them to ride to a remote area before starting the attack. Distressing footage shows the girl being slapped around the face repeatedly, dragged along the ground and verbally assaulted as she tries to protect her friend. He is seen being badly beaten with a large tree branch as he crouches trying to protect his head, before being kicked and punched by the six men as he pleads with them to stop. “They abused and beat us repeatedly,” the girl told DNA India. “I begged them to leave us, but they continued to misbehave and called me names.” After the gang eventually left, the couple was abandoned were able to ride back into the town. The girl was initially too scared to tell her family but relatives went to police after seeing footage of the attack, NDTV reported. Four suspects had been arrested by Tuesday evening and two were believed to still be at large. Local media reported that the attackers were from the same village as the female victim and one of the group believed himself to be in love with her, possibly sparking the assault. Uttar Pradesh has become notorious for sexual and gender-based violence after a string of high-profile incidents in recent years. In the village of Aithpura last year, a 22-year-old woman was found dead in a field after being raped, made to drink acid and strangled.

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