Former Federal Investigators Say White House Cocaine Probe Was A ‘Cover Up’

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The Secret Service has ended its investigation into the cocaine that was recently found in the White House, without identifying a suspect and citing “a lack of physical evidence” after FBI forensic testing yielded no fingerprints and insufficient DNA evidence.

However, veteran investigators say the Secret Service’s failed investigation into a bag of cocaine that someone (we wonder who?) left behind at the White House is a “cover-up.”

“This is a cover-up. How can they say they have no leads?” one former agent claimed.

He told the New York Post. “It is a restricted area and they have a log book, you don’t have to be Columbo to figure out who was there. Suppose it was anthrax,” he added. “Would they have the same answer?”

A second former agent told the Post: “We have a tale of two countries….They identified hundreds of people who were in the Capitol building on Jan. 6 after an extensive investigation, but they don’t know who left something in an 8 x 10 room in the White House?”

Breitbart reports: The obviously compromised and corrupt Secret Service says it spent 11 days investigating who (who!?) left behind a bag of cocaine at the White House and came up empty.

“Without physical evidence, the investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered,” the Secret Service said Thursday.

Yeah, it’s a real mystery.

Gee, who had the motive and opportunity to bring cocaine into the White House? Who is so riddled with addiction, a sense of entitlement, and a certainty they will never be held accountable for anything that they would do something so desperate and brazen?

Pardon me while I scratch my beard and mull this conundrum.

And then there’s…The Lie.

You see, The Lie is the tell of all tells in an investigation.

Innocent people do not lie. Innocent people have no motive to lie. Innocent people want the truth revealed as soon as possible.

So, when the White House brazenly lies to protect someone (who? Who could it possibly be?)…When the White House Press Secretary is caught telling a blatant lie to cover up an inconvenient truth, that’s the tell of all tells.

“The Biden family was not [in the White House] Friday,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the country:

That was a lie.

You see, the Biden family was at the White House Friday—the same day the blow was found there. FYI, Hunter Biden is part of the Biden family that was at the White House Friday, the same day the blow was found at the White House.

I’m going to say it straight…I don’t believe the Secret Service. I believe the Secret Service is lying and engaging in a cover-up. What’s my evidence, you ask? My evidence is that I’M NOT AN IDIOT. That’s my evidence.

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