AOC Has a Nervous Breakdown After New Yorkers Chant “AOC Has Got To Go”

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AOC suffers nervous breakdown as crowd chant 'AOC must go' at town hall

AOC suffered a nervous breakdown during a Town Hall in Queens on Wednesday night, after her own supporters began chanting “AOC has got to go.”

The far-left Democrat congresswoman was seen dancing like a maniac as the chants kept on coming. reports: At one point the lights were even shut off which resulted in the New York Representative running and hiding behind the stage.

Watch the entire ordeal here:

She would then get heated after the crowd never settled down:

This isn’t the first time AOC has been at odds with crowds at her Town Halls, just last week a young man called out AOC for portraying herself as an outsider but in reality, she’s just another establishment Democrat.

Republican Tina Forte is looking to dethrone AOC in New York’s 14th congressional district and if these town halls are a reflection of what will happen, it looks like the progressive poster girl may finally be out of Congress.

Let’s see if AOC still dances when she’s voted out.