Biden Trembles With Fear As Person Shouts ‘You Stole the Election’ During Rally

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Biden trembles with fear as crowd chant 'you stole the election' right to his face

Joe Biden was left visibly shaken up during a campaign rally on Thursday, where he was shouted down by an angry attendee.

As Biden began slamming former President Donald Trump, a man yelled, “You stole the election!” to which Biden angrily responded, “Folks, ignorance knows no boundaries.”

The rally took place at Richard Montgomery High School where Biden was barely able to fill the school’s gymnasium. reports: Video and photo of the protester being ejected from the Biden rally.

Biden’s remarks at the Bethesda fundraiser as reported by pool reporter Andrew Restuccia, “What we’re seeing now is the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy. It’s not just Trump, it’s the the entire philosophy that underpins the – I’m going to say something – it’s like semi-fascism.”

Biden is taking a brief break from his August vacation to campaign for Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections. He returns to Delaware on Friday to resume his vacation.


  1. I knew that election was not normal I watched the coverage and I know something seriously irregular happened. And I know only Joe could authorise the raid on Mar a Lago and I know that why he shot through on holiday ASAP all timed so conveniently. I know he is not honest.

  2. “Ejected,” because the Camps aren’t ready to go yet?

    “protester being ejected from the Biden rally.”

  3. No way dude, that was President Biden containing his urge not to knockout the sheeple boi! President Biden is cat quick and strong as an ox!

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