MSNBC Caught Lying About ‘Dirty’ Nancy Pelosi ‘Slow-Mo’ Video

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MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace incorrectly claimed President Trump promoted a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi, which had been slowed down.

MSNBC has been caught spreading fake news to its viewers again, with host Nicolle Wallace incorrectly claiming President Trump promoted a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi, which had been edited to exaggerate the difficulty she has when speaking.

During a segment on the show Deadline: White House on Friday, Wallace dedicated an entire segment to expressing her outrage that Trump would stoop to the level of tweeting out a doctored video of Pelosi, describing it as a “dirty” act — even though her accusation was false.

Trump did not tweet or promote the doctored video of Nancy Pelosi.

“The political war of words between President Trump and Speaker Pelosi has deteriorated to a level beneath words, comprehensible words at least. That’s why we’re going to do something different here to make sure you understand just how low the president has stooped in his efforts to smear the speaker of the House. We believe that transparency is the best disinfectant for dirty politics, so we’re going to break down what the president of the United States did to the speaker of the House when he shared a doctored video of her with his millions of Twitter followers,” Wallace said.

FreeBeacon reports: Wallace then said she would not show the video Trump allegedly tweeted. In reality, videos of Pelosi that were edited to slow down her speech were not promoted by Trump, although people who aren’t in his administration did spread them across social media.

“A slowed-down video like the one he tweeted of Nancy Pelosi has the effect of making anyone look like they’re having a tough time speaking. We decided to stop airing the Nancy Pelosi video, so I’m going to show you what I look like and sound like doctored,” Wallace continued. “Here I am yesterday.”

An edited video of Wallace speaking slowly played. She then put up a video of Trump at a 2016 campaign rally which was similarly edited so he was speaking slowly.

“I wanted to cover this story of what Donald Trump did. He sent out a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi, but I wanted to cover it without repeating and furthering his smear of Nancy Pelosi which had the intent of doing exactly what he did to Hillary Clinton who fell ill at an event on 9/11, I think, in New York. This is part of the sexism of Donald Trump where he makes a woman look feeble and this is part of the debasement of our politics where he irresponsibility tweets out a video of someone in a doctored video,” Wallace said.

President Trump did not tweet out a video of Pelosi’s speech slowed down, but rather a different video of her stammering during a news conference. This video was edited to show various times during the news conference when she stuttered or seemed confused, but it was not doctored.

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