China’s Social Credit System Updated To Incorporate Central Bank Digital Currency

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China has updated it Social Credit Score ystem to incorporate Central Bank Digital Currency

A Credit Score of 650 is already required for buying food in this supermarkets using facial recognition payment.

So what happens if your score is not high enough?

A video has recently resurfaced showing how one Chinese citizen’s life isbeing turned upside down due to his low social credit score.

Infowars reports: Due to his low social credit score and placement on a list of “untrustworthy people,” Chinese journalist Leo Hu was banned from flying. But that was just the beginning of his penalties.

“I can’t buy property, my child can’t go to private school,” Hu told CBS. “You feel you’re being controlled by the list all the time.”


Experts in the region believe the Chicoms keep secret how the scoring truly works so the system can go on as long as possible to “impact behavior.”

Stateside, more Americans are beginning to realize that the transition to a cashless system allows them to be easily controlled in a similar manner.

The West needs to wake up to the dangers of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

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