Russia’s Newest Military Robot Is Ready For Battle

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The Russian infantry’s weapon of choice for hazardous missions is the Uranus 9 Military robot.

Russia Insider reports:

Deadly Russian War Robots Are Now Reality (Video)

The war in Syria has served as a magnificent laboratory for research and testing. Benefits gained have not been limited to equipment developed years ago but hitherto never tested in combat, but also to experiment with new kinds of technology in a real-world, battlefield environment.

Russia has used all sorts of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), small robots and integrated systems to improve modern warfare and infantry equipment in Syria. The main goal in mind has always been to try and reduce the risk for infantry and military personnel. In this respect, a lot has been said in recent months about the use of important robotic systems in Syria.

Although it is very difficult to corroborate these claims, we can be sure that Moscow is very active in robotic systems and has been so for some time. In this sense, the video featured below displays the first real example of an automated war vehicle, or a war robot.

Impressive firepower and incredible maneuverability make it employable in many terrains and situations. Relatively compact, it is also quick and easy to deploy.  Though no information has filtered out on a possible date of employment with the Russian Army, probably many of the rumors about Russia experimenting with automated warfare in Syria are true. No one can deny that there is nothing better than gathering real scientific know-how and testing in a real war scenario. This is true especially for such a new type of technology.

Unmanned vehicles are going to become an important pillar of future methods of fighting terrorism, not just being limited to regular armies. The increasing need to have combat-ready systems deployable in a short time, limiting human losses as much as possible, and adopting a standard to deal with terrorism, is becoming a top priority for a lot of countries. Especially Russia.

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