Trump HHS Official Found Dead; Ruled Suicide By ‘Multiple Blunt Force Injuries’

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Daniel Best, a pharmaceutical executive working for the HHS to reduce drug prices in America, died of "multiple blunt force injuries."

Daniel Best, a pharmaceutical executive who recently began working for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services tasked with the goal of “lowering prescription drug prices” in the United States, was found dead with “multiple blunt force injuries” on November 1.

Now, his death has been ruled a “suicide.”

According to Washington, D.C. police, Best was found “unresponsive” near the garage door exit of an apartment building in D.C.’s Navy Yard neighborhood at 5:25 a.m. on Nov. 1, and was pronounced dead by medical personnel who responded to the scene.

After investigating for two weeks, the city’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has announced that Best died from multiple blunt force injuries and ruled his death a suicide.

The Chief Medical Examiner’s verdict raised questions among the health community, with many people refusing to believe Best killed himself by repeatedly hitting himself with a blunt object until he died.

“How does one kill themselves by hitting themselves with a blunt object? Repeatedly?”

Unfortunately, the medical examiner wouldn’t release further information.

In announcing his death, HHS Secretary Alex Azar said the 49-year-old former CVSHealth and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals executive agreed to work at HHS “out of a desire to serve the American people by making health care more affordable.

He brought his deep expertise and passion to this task with great humility and collegiality,” Azar’s statement said.

All of us who served with Dan at HHS and in the administration mourn his passing and extend our thoughts and prayers to his wife Lisa and the entire Best family at this difficult time.

Best is survived by his wife, Lisa, and three children.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. They must think the public are stupid. I do not believe one word of this. He was murdered, it is practically impossible to kill yourself with blunt force blows to oneself, It is time to clean out the garbage.FAKE NEWS

  2. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother still in charge in DC ????

    Guess whose sister runs the vaccinations dept of government…………………….ROD ROSENSTEIN.

  3. Mr. Best’s ‘suicide note’ was his announcement to lower the cost of pharmaceuticals. Naturopathic and holistic medical practitioners who were ‘mysteriously’ found dead over the past few years wrote similar ‘suicide notes’ when they announced breakthroughs in cancer research and autism using natural substance protocols.

  4. How does one simply beat themselves over the head until dead….this has Hillary Clinton written all over it, after all she does sit on the boards of several of these pharmaceutical companies and she would just love to see Trump fail in this endeavor to bring down these prices. I’m seriously hoping the new AG will finally get around to completely investigating these slimy demoRATS including O’bumbler,Clinton,Holder,Lynch and all the other dirtbags the O’bumbler administration loosed on our country.

  5. Shades of the Oklahoma City Federal Building policeman who’s death was ruled a suicide, even though it was evident he had been tied up and tortured. Obvious murders ruled suicide by government means government is obviously involved in the death., on the take or actually physically participating.

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