Al Gore Says Non-Mainstream Media ‘Must Be Banned’ To Save Democracy

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Access to information outside of mainstream media sources is a “threat to democracy” according to Al Gore who used his appearance at COP28 in Dubai to demand that social media platforms must ban alternative news sources.

According to the former vice president, democracy is under threat because people are no longer receiving their news from the same mainstream news sources and no longer “share the same base of knowledge.”

Gore whined that social media had “disrupted the balances that used to exist that made representative democracy work much better.” Watch:

According to Gore, people are being pulled down “rabbit holes” by algorithms that are “the digital equivalent of AR-15s – they ought to be banned, they really ought to be banned!”

Gore claimed that non-mainstream media is “an abuse of the public forum” and that people were being sucked into echo chambers.

“When people are pulled down these rabbit holes, do you know is at of the rabbit hole? That’s where the echo chamber is.

If you spend too much time in the echo chamber, what’s weaponized is another form of AI. Not artificial intelligence. Artificial insanity. I’m serious,” said Gore.

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Apparently, Gore’s own rabbit hole is the only echo chamber that should be allowed to exist, where the earth is constantly on the brink of destruction thanks to the masses refusing to obey his technocratic mandates.

Perhaps Gore is unhappy at his own misinformation being fact checked by individuals who have access to information not produced by corporate media sources that are funded by the same globalist elite overlords.

Gore infamously predicted that the north polar ice cap would be “ice free” by 2013.

It didn’t happen.

As Thomas Cartenacci documents, Gore has a history of making climate change predictions that turn out to be spectacularly wrong.

No wonder he wants to ban dissent.

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