Donald Trump Thanks Alternative Media For Historic Win

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Donald Trump thanks the alternative media for his historic election wijn

President elect Donald Trump has publicly thanked the alternative media in spreading the truth and helping him win the presidential race.

Trump phoned Info Wars host Alex Jones to thank him and others for bravely exposing the New World Order and thwarting their plans to enslave humanity.

Trump’s victory has been hailed as the biggest uprising by the American people against the ruling elite since the Boston Tea Party in 1771.

As the media desperately tried to trick the American public into voting for their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, they were left reeling when U.S. citizens said no to the NWO candidate and instead chose Trump.

Donald Trump referred to alternative media hosts, journalists, and writers as “info warriors”, and expressed his deep gratitude for their continuing work.

As world leaders from all over the globe lined up to offer him their congratulations this week, Trump chose to prioritise alternative media first and thank them via his pal Alex Jones.

According to Jones, “the historic Trump victory would not have been possible without the grassroots support of millions everywhere who demanded a return to what made America great.”


  1. Donald Better keep geared up cause the Democ-RATS are still trying to steal the election this time through bogus recounts!

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