‘You Loot, We Shoot’: Oregon Residents Show Big City Liberals How to Maintain Law and Order

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Oregon homeowners dealing with the wildfires that are devastating the state have a message for potential looters: Don’t even think about.

Rural Oregonians who are unafraid to exercise their Second Amendment rights have taught big city liberals a lesson about how to maintain law and order in the community.

Several signs in Clackamas County went straight to the point, and residents of towns including Colton and Estacada did not mince words, KPTV reported.

Looters will be shot” and “Home and armed, U loot, we shoot” were two of the signs that were seen, the television station reported.

We won’t call your family. Your body will never be found,” another sign read, followed by an emphatic “Bang, bang” phrase drawn in red ink, the television station reported.

Colton and Estacada are under Level 3 evacuation orders, meaning they had to vacate their homes, according to KPTV.

Clackamas County deputies confirmed Saturday they have made two theft-related arrests in the fire zones, according to KPTV.

Social media users congratulated the homeowners for defending their property from looters.

Anybody who would loot peoples homes during a wildfire emergency is a pretty terrible human… As for them putting up signs warning those same trash humans away… Guess they can’t say they weren’t warned…” said K-ten.

Sandi O’Regan pointed out that it’s sad the residents need to put themselves in harm’s way to protect their homes.

It is a sad world we live in that one has to choose to stay within danger to protect property from looters. There was a time when people helped each other, not steal from each other. Our society has bred people who think they are entitled to help themselves to whatever they want,” said Sandi O’Regan.

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