Booster Covid Jab: Third Vaccine To Be Trialled In UK

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booster covid vaccine trial

The British public is being urged to take part in the worlds first clinical trials to find out whether a third dose of Covid vaccine could protect against new variants.

The Cov-Boost study will trial seven COVID-19 vaccines and will be the first to provide data on the impact of a third jab.

They will be tested on working-age guinea pigs and over-75s as part of a randomised trial.

BBC reports: The findings will help vaccine advisers decide if re-vaccinating some people in the autumn is necessary.

More than 20 million people have been fully vaccinated- with two doses of a Covid vaccine- since the UK’s vaccination programme started, but it’s still not clear how long protection lasts.

Offering some groups a third dose to boost protection from coronavirus ahead of winter has been suggested – but not confirmed.

Booster campaign

The Cov-Boost study, which starts in June, will recruit 3,000 people of all ages who had their first dose in December or January, to test if this is worthwhile.

“It could be that some age groups may not need a booster and others do,” said Prof Saul Faust, chief investigator for the trial, from the University of Southampton.

“We are not trying to say one is better than the other.

“The aim is to find out whether there should be a booster campaign and which vaccine to use,” he said.

Prof Faust said he was not expecting any vaccines to be “detrimental” but some could cause high fevers or very sore arms, for example, which would be useful to know.

The vaccines will be trialled at 18 sites across the UK, and half doses will also be tested.

The full list of sites is: Southampton, London (University College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and Northwick Park Harrow), Leicester, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Wrexham, Bradford, Oxford, Glasgow, Leeds, Cambridge, Birmingham, Brighton, Stockport, Liverpool and Exeter.


    • Actually research from the SALK Insitute published on 30 April 2021 clearly demonstrates that the protein in the vaccine actually directly causes deaths due to its attacking the heart as a muscle and damaging it to the point of death or stroke or serious damage as well as contributing to clots anywhere in the body causing aneurysms or sickness diseases damage to.organd brain body It has already killed around 11000 people in the EU alone and because it induces the body to produce the protein it’s a form of auto immune disease being introduced, at taxpayers expense ,and big pharma SHAREHOLDERS profits, into taxpayers Pervese isnt it Paying for a treatment to cause their own death and disease.

  1. Meanwhile the true data from the NHS CLEARLY shows almost zero deaths for people under 60 ” due to covid ” The average age of death in uk is 81 The most deaths ” due to covid ” only occurs in people aged over 91.The whole things a load of it They locked the whole country up because some people way over their expected life span actually did die eventually .Its all a huge scam .All of it .

  2. India now ,using ivermectin and hydroxychlorine has rapidly reduced the ” new variant ” and is once again well 9n the way to recovery ,since the vaccine spikes accompanied rapid increase in deaths and positive covid results .

  3. At the start of this pandemic we were told a percentage (don’t know accurate figures could be up to 15%…?) of the population will have natural immunity to the virus. Where is the test for this immunity and why give everyone the jab if there’s a good chance some don’t need it ?

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