Newspapers Being Paid By UK Govt To Publish ‘News’ On Their Positive Covid Response

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UK govt newspapers

Long gone are the days when newspapers actually challenged governments

The British government is paying national newspapers including the Sun and the Daily Mail to provide positive coverage of its coronavirus response.

The following is from an article published by the Daily Mail which is part of a paid-for partnership with the UK Government:

“With Covid cases dropping and life beginning to open up once more, it’s tempting to think we’ve finally beaten the virus.

But even though we’ve got fantastic vaccines, they’re not the entire answer to the problem – not everyone has yet had the jab, and none of them currently offer 100 per cent protection.

However, we do have another brilliant weapon in our arsenal – rapid testing. Not only does this give a result in just 30 minutes, it can pick up the around one-in-three cases in which people don’t show any symptoms.

It’s vital these are detected to prevent people unknowingly spreading the virus.

And the good news is that these rapid Covid-19 tests are now available free to everyone aged over 18 in the UK. They can be picked up at your neighbourhood test centre, any participating local pharmacy or ordered online at or by calling 119.

Experts say we should all be getting into the habit of testing ourselves at home twice a week. That way we can catch Covid at the point it becomes highly infectious, and stop the spread.”

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  1. The Iron Fist in tbe Velvet Glove .Theyre first line of bullying extortion stand over tactics to demand totalitarianism. All mafia style machiavellianism .Come on kiddies come inside ,theres lots more candy inside .And they know the trurh.
    Psychopaths are different t from normal people in that they have no conscience Materialists only hope to maximise profits any and every way possible without getting caught so will use denial till their last breath of ever misleading or deceiving in order to extract every possible penny from their targeted victims .

  2. The worst thing revealed by all of their deceits and manipulations is the realization that people dont have a life as such ,they have a programme to which they must comply in every way .Total control Their ” life ‘ is programmed from cradle to grave and they dont even know it because it’s so insidiously instilled .

  3. The only reason the cases are ” dropping ” is because the old and suck have died From the 60 plus age group They’re already dead .That’s the only reason .And most of them were over 91 and ten years past their life expectancy anyway and already dying with pre existing conditions anyway .Due to die anyway In fact most likely most just died exactly as they would have anyway although I suspect fear of covid accelerated more than a few .

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