Doctor Warns Elite Planning To Secretly Replace Traditional Vaccines With Deadlier mRNA

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Top doc warns elite planning to put mRNA in every vaccine.

Dr. John Campbell has warned that the globalists are planning to secretly replace all major vaccines with deadlier mRNA technology as part of their depopulation agenda for humanity.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, Dr. Campbell warned that Big Pharma is planning to use mRNA gene alteration technology for a cacophony of various ailments set to be injected into the public.

Moderna recently got government approval to use their new deadly mRNA RSV vaccine, which will be rolled out later this year. reports: Campbell also talked about the change of the flu shot over to the exotic technology.

“So as well as the RSV we’re now getting this influenza one changing to mRNA,” he said. “Now of course, we do have existing influenza vaccines, they want to replace it with these new genetic sequence vaccines.”

“So this would be giving two mRNA vaccines to the same person in the same syringe in the same injection site, now this is not me making this up, honestly,” Campbell said.

The literature on the new Covid/flu combo shot claims the vaccine is more effective than previous shots, which Campbell quipped is ‘progress’.

“Compared to two individual vaccine administrations, a single shot of the combined vaccine elicited a stronger immune response against both diseases,” the clinical trial report said.

The doctor also discussed how mRNA technology makes the body produce a protein, in the Covid vaccine’s case it was the spike protein. He talked about how that protein and the mRNA itself doesn’t remain at the injection site, rather it moves throughout the body, causing production of the coded sequence’s protein in various parts of the body.

Campbell also discussed how the new vaccine codes for three different strains of flu, as well as Covid, so presumably it contains a total of four mRNA sequences.

“It looks like it’s coming to a regulator near you,” he ironically said.

Campbell went on to discussing the other mRNA vaccines in the pipeline such as cytomegalovirus (CMV), Epstein-Barr virus (EBVI), Herpes simplex virus (HSV) (AKA the cold sore virus), Varicella-Zoster virus (VZV) (shingles) and Norovirus.

An mRNA bird flu vaccine is also in development.

The doctor went on to discuss the industrial scale of mRNA vaccine production facilities.

“The British government’s got a deal with Moderna last time I checked…same in Australia, huge new mRNA plants being built, same in Canada, mRNA looks like the future doesn’t it?…But that’s what’s happening, they are being developed on a totally huge scale and FDA’s already approved one extra one, regulators around the world are being approached, it’s quite unbelievable but it’s going ahead,” he said.

He ended with some satirical sarcasm.

“Welp the regulators are there to protect us, hopefully they’ll do that. I mean they are largely funded by the pharmaceutical industry but, I’m sure that won’t influence their decision making at all,” he said after mentioning all the people who were vaccine injured. “I have nothing else to say really…yeah, that’s it, interesting future ahead.”

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