California Schools Now Teaching Children There Are EIGHT Genders

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California schools now teaching children that there are eight genders

Schools in California are now officially teaching children that there are eight or nine genders, according to a report.

Fox News reports that a textbook titled “Comprehensive Health Skills for High School,” which also makes reference to ten sexual preferences, was ordered by the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

The dizzying array of different ‘genders’ that the book lists include agender, androgynous, bigender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming and gender questioning. reports: The book also lists sexual preferences as hetero, homo, and bisexual as well as androsexual, polysexual, skoliosexual, demisexual, pansexual, gynesexual, and asexual.

Responding to the findings, one mother of a child in the district, who is also a credentialed school psychologist, charged that the education system with sexualizing children.

“We are placing them in a situation where they think that this is safe, that this is healthy, this is how we show love,” Alicia Beget said, adding “And so they are being exploited by very evil people.”

“This is part of a larger agenda that those at the very top are well aware of what they’re doing,” she further asserted.

The report also notes that the same school district uses the so called ‘genderbread person’ project to push transgender ‘education’ on children.

The same school district also made headlines last year when a teacher posted a TikTok video admitting that she encouraged children to pledge allegiance to a gay pride flag after she removed the American flag from her classroom.

Newport-Mesa Unified School District responded to the report, stating “We follow the state-adopted standards for health education, which includes sexual health. We use a state-approved health curriculum with select modules, taught by credentialed teachers.”

The statement continued, “Parents can opt out their child from participating in comprehensive sex education. Parents also have the ability to review all curriculum taught in our schools so that they can be well-informed and make the best decisions for their child. We understand that there are varying viewpoints and beliefs and we follow California State Standards for curriculum, while also supporting parent choice.”


  1. They do as they’re told by the master They have qve zero autonomy in teaching. It’s become a nightmare for many old we teachers who just can’t bear how dictatorial it’s become. Lots, who could afford too, have walked away or retired early. The departments don’t respect their views or value their opinions. It’s just the tiny few elites running the show now.

  2. They need to improve :

    ” BBC sex education programme tells 9-year-olds there are ‘over 100
    genders’ and shows kids talking to adults about ‘bi-gender’,
    ‘genderqueer’ and ‘pansexual’ identities . “

  3. They are using Political Science (the science of manipulating the masses) instead of fact based hard science which recognizes two normal states of sex 7 one androgynous type determined by DNA. There as some abnormal accidental variations that can occur, but those are rare & are not able to reproduce. What the schools are teaching it to Doublethink as Big Brother demands you do.

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