Delaware Statute of Limitations Exempts Joe Biden From Being Charged With Rape of Daughter Ashley

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Delaware statue of limitations prevents Joe Biden being prosecuted for rape of daughter Ashley

Joe Biden will not be prosecuted for the alleged rape and molestation of his daughter Ashley Biden, according to reports.

The Delaware Statute of Limitations was updated in 2007 and its readjusted laws refuse Biden’s daughter any legal recourse should she ever go forward with a lawsuit against her father for sexually abusing her when she was a minor.

Documents from Ashley Biden’s personal diary were published in 2020 and reveal that Ashley described “showers with my dad” that were “probably not appropriate,” while also admitting that she was routinely raped by a family member around that same time period. reports: Under Biden’s former state of residency, Delaware, Ashley would have no legal way to confront, in the court of law, her father over any abuse. This is because:

“The two-year statute of limitations does not apply to minor victims of sexual abuse. In 2007 Delaware enacted a specific exception for minors, children under the age of 18, who were sexually abused by an adult. If a minor was sexually abused after 2007, they have an unlimited amount of time to file a civil lawsuit. This includes lawsuits brought by their parents or legal guardians. The 2007 change in the statute of limitations reflects the hard work advocacy groups have been doing across the country to help protect the legal rights of children who are victims of abuse.”

This means any victim of childhood abuse that occurred earlier than 2007 is unable to submit a sexual abuse lawsuit in the state’s court.

Ashley Biden was born in 1981 and is currently 41 years old.


  1. this is my theory. the central banks are setting up these politicians and control the media and are setting up the scenarios and feed people this misery, so we will one day beg to have a one world government come in and take over the republic.
    We will be so disgusted by all of this we will ask the UN to come in an govern.

  2. Joe Biden, much like Obama, the Clintons, Bushes, and many others in our Government in the past are satanic pedophiles

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