Study Finds Body Movement Can Be Controlled By Someone Else’s Brain – Video

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According to a recent study by scientists from the University of Washington, one person’s thoughts can control another person’s body movement with transmitted signals.

To test this concept, the researchers had six subjects that were put into three pairs.

Authors of the study wrote: “Our results provide evidence for a rudimentary form of direct information transmission from one human brain to another using non-invasive means.”

One of the subjects was connected to an electroencephalography machine, or EEG, and the other had on a transcranial magnetic stimulation cap that sent signals to the part of the brain responsible for hand movement.

The subject wearing the EEG was watching a computer game where the player fires a cannon to defend a city from incoming rockets.

The other subjects controlled the movement of the game using a touchpad, without being able to see what was happening on screen.

Signals from the subject’s EEG were sent over the internet in real time.

While the accuracy of the results ranged from 25 to 83 percent, the researchers noted failures were mostly on the sending rather than the receiving end.

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