Taliban Orders Joe Biden To Withdraw All US Troops by 9/11 – or Face ‘Consequences’

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This is what a Biden presidency looks like.

Taliban orders Joe BIden to withdraw all U.S. troops by 911 or face Jihad

The Taliban has ordered Joe Biden to withdraw every single U.S. troop from Afghanistan by 11 September, or face consequences.

According to Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen, Biden must cease any and all operations in the country or the Taliban will retaliate.

Shaheen said the Taliban remains committed to not attacking US servicemen, as long as their demands are met.

Rt.com reports: The group’s spokesperson previously said that foreign diplomats and aid workers will not be harmed.

The US planned to withdraw its troops by August 31, but was forced to dispatch around 5,000 additional soldiers to facilitate the evacuation of American diplomatic personnel and their allies from Kabul, as Afghanistan’s capital and largest city was swiftly seized by the Taliban on Sunday.

The sudden arrival of the militants sparked panic, with locals swarming the airport in the hope of catching a flight from Afghanistan. According to reports, several people died during the ensuing chaos and US troops reportedly fired in the air to prevent desperate Afghans from flooding the runway.

Earlier this year, US President Joe Biden set a deadline of September 11 for completing the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

On Monday, Biden promised a “swift and forceful” response if the Taliban attacks American soldiers or disrupts evacuations.