Trump Claims Biden ‘Isn’t The One Calling The Shots’

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Joe Biden

Former President Donald Trump has said that the US needs a president that is ‘respected’ and said he does not believe that Joe Biden ‘is the one calling the shots’

In a “Hannity” interview on Tuesday Trump said that Biden would have likely stayed at Camp David as the Afghanistan crisis intensified, had it not been for the negative mainstream media coverage of his administration on the matter.

Fox News reports: During the interview, Trump reacted to news from Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who told “Hannity” moments earlier that hundreds of Americans trapped behind Taliban checkpoints in Afghanistan are trying to gain clearance and have contacted his office in hopes of finding a way to get home.

Unfortunately, the senator had said, the Biden State Department simply instructed those concerned Americans to log onto the internet, complete a form, and wait for either a text message or phone call.

“[Cotton] said that people are being told to go to a website. ‘Don’t call anymore, go to a website’ like please come and tell me we have a better plan than that,” Hannity told Trump.

Trump condemned the report from Cotton, adding that the only reason Biden returned to the White House was because of harsh media criticism:

“[H]e only returned because he was getting terrible press. Not for any other reason,” Trump claimed.

On Monday, Biden briefly returned to Washington to offer remarks about the Afghan situation, but then returned northwest to the Frederick County compound.

“I don’t even believe that he is calling the shots,” Trump said of Biden. “What you need more than anything is a president that is respected, and you need a president that got rid of ISIS and got 100% got rid of ISIS.”

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  1. Judging by Trump’s cabinet selections or other hires, he wasn’t calling the shots either. All the way to the bitter end. I don’t want a Californian running my nation at all. For obvious reasons. But if you think Trump was calling the shots, you are nuts. Like I said, vetting rules would eliminate all of these actors. I vote for Thomas Sowell over any of these chumps.

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