Wikileaks: Erdogan Ordered Shoot Down Of Russian Su-24 Warplane

Fact checked
Wikileaks say that Turkish President Recep Erdogan ordered the shooting down of Russian Su-24 plane personally, 6 weeks before the event

Turkish President Recep Erdogan personally ordered the shooting down of the Russian Su-24 warplane, some 6 weeks prior to the incident, according to a famous Turkish whistleblower Fuat Avni.

WikiLeaks retweeted an article that mentions the exposé by Avni, asking “Did Turkish ‘deep throat’ reveal Russian jet shootdown plan six weeks ago?”

According to the information WikiLeaks shared on twitter, the shooting down of the Russian jet was a pre-meditated attack, planned in October of this year, in response to Russian military action against ISIS in Syria.

Erdogan had been trying to mobilize his voters prior to snap general elections, which were held on November 1, by dramatically escalating tensions with Russia. reports: The source that WikiLeaks refers to in the new report is known in Turkey very well. This person, aka the Turkish Julian Assange, is known as Fuat Avni.

According to Fuat Avni, Erdogan wanted to profit from putting Turkey and Russia on the brink of war. Erdogan was certain that he would receive support from NATO and G20. Avon also believes that Recep Tayyip Erdogan will suffer a defeat at next elections in Turkey.