UK’s New Health Secretary Is So Glad He Got Vaccinated As He Tests Positive For Covid

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Sajid Javid covid test

Sajid Javid, who replaced the disgraced Matt Hancock as the UK’s Health Secretary, is self-isolating at home after a lateral flow test for Covid came back positive.

Javid said he was so grateful he had received two jabs of the covid vaccine and that his symptoms were mild.

RT reports: The news came from the health secretary himself in a video statement which he tweeted out on Saturday. Javid, who took office three weeks ago after the ignominious resignation of Matt Hancock over a scandal involving his female aide, said he decided to take a test after feeling “groggy” on Friday. He is now waiting for a PCR test result to confirm his suspected infection.

“I am grateful that I’ve had two jabs of the vaccine, and so far symptoms are very mild,” the secretary said, adding that he wanted to use the opportunity to hail Britain’s national vaccination campaign.

Javid was vaccinated in May, when he was a backbencher MP, using the domestically developed Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, he reported at the time.


    • Disqusting really Cowards too That’s how evil gains power when minorities make majorities submit to their deceit and only allow their views to be headlines Even if subliminally duicitious sarcasm still the first message is politically correct and outvif context historically will be read as factually correct.

  1. Typical government lackey. He got the ‘vaccine’ variant and now he’s encouraging everyone to get jabbed so they can get it too.

  2. i am so glad my body is a bloody laboratory tor this engineered monstrosity and that I will not have to wait too long before I turn into a zombie with a Creutzfeld Jacob like prion disease. Good boy, keep up the good work!

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