‘Google Is Illuminati’: David Bowie’s Final Internet Post Eerily Prophesied 2023

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David Bowie was a regular contributor on bowie.com, the forum at his official website, and his final message, written just weeks before he died in 2016, contained a prophetic warning about the future of humanity.

David Bowie was a regular contributor on bowie.com, the forum at his official website, and his final message, written just weeks before he died in 2016, contained a prophetic warning about the future of humanity.

Writing under his pen name “sailor”, Bowie revealed that “Google is Illuminati” and warned that if we allow Google to run the internet and control the flow of all information, then the elites will turn society into a “fascist dystopia.”

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Seven years after he wrote the message on his deathbed, Bowie’s warning for humanity appears more prophetic than ever before.

Google’s motto is b.s. They are destroying the most glorious gift humanity was granted in the last 300 years. Google is illuminati. Illuminati is google. The future under google is a fascist dystopia, their way or the highway, no room for dissidents, no room for free speech. Google is a boot stomping on your face for eternity. sailor.

Bowie also warned that the internet search engine has been infiltrated by the global elite in part of their plan to enslave humanity. Another message from Bowie, written in the same forum thread, read:

“Google are deep state. Forget about conventional wars, forget about spies, forget about intelligence agencies, forget about all of that. It’s all about the internet and google run the internet. They decide how you feel, what you think, what information you can and can’t look at, and ultimately who does and doesn’t have a voice. sailor.”

Always ahead of the curve, Bowie embraced the internet during the 1990s. He believed it was an ideal platform for individual and creative freedom. In 1998 he launched BowieNet, an internet service provider, offering dial up access to the new and exciting online world of freedom and possibility.

At a time when major corporations were still struggling to comprehend the importance of the internet, Bowie had a clear vision for the future. BowieNet offered uncensored access to the internet, and he was excited by the possibilities of cyberspace being free of censorship and regulations.

If I was 19 again, I’d bypass music and go right to the internet,” he said at the time. In the 90s Bowie understood that a revolution was coming, however BowieNet closed in 2006, and his vision of the future of the internet became decidedly darker.

The personal freedom promised by the early incarnation of the internet had been replaced by something resembling the Illuminati prison for humanity.

Eighteen months after his death, Bowie’s final warning to humanity about Google and the Illuminati has proved to be as prophetic as his previous claims about the internet.

Google is currently under fire for clamping down on free speech, censoring the internet, and siding with the elites and the New World Order.

Bowie believed that the internet is not just a tool or a medium. The old world and the new world of the internet have merged, becoming reality. Whoever controls the internet controls everything.

In 2023, Bowie’s final warning for humanity appears more prophetic than ever. Klaus Schwab recently admitted that “whoever controls AI, will control everything.”

And the WEF has been working hand-in-glove with Google for decades now. Here is Klaus Schwab in conversation with Sergei Brin, the Google co-founder, casually letting slip that everyone will have brain implants in the future as part of a vast control matrix.

For the record, Sergei Brin was just issued a subpoena by the U.S. Virgin Islands on Friday as part of the Jeffrey Epstein-JPMorgan investigation. But you probably didn’t hear about that because Google and the WEF are determined to suppress news that exposes the globalist elite’s deep ties with Epstein and other pedophiles.

Google and the social media giants have been suppressing content from alternative news outlets that publish information that doesn’t suit their agenda. They claim they are doing this to create a better world.

wef new worl order

But history suggests their attempts at selling us a liberal utopia is a trap.

As Bowie warned, free speech is essential, and political discourse is central to democracy. By censoring opponents and taking away their right to express themselves in society, Google and the globalist elite are driving humanity towards a fascist dystopia.

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  1. Well, there is a whole lot more “illuminati” then ‘just’ Google..

    This ‘revelation’ by David Bowie is just a slice of the pie he clearly doesn’t mention on purpose.
    What about the music industry?! You know the devil was the minister of arts and music once in heaven, before he was cast out…

    • “the devil was the minister of arts and music”

      What total horseshit. No the “devil” was not. Truly horseshit Gerard.

    • David’s first cc wife, who sat their hand sewing his costumes and doing his make up and who made him, in a way, said David only got into the industry BECAUSE he served the illuminati She called them witches or satanists, one or the other maybe both its hard to remember exactly what she said 60 years later.

    • Correct The Bible and early CHRISTIANS, even Catholics. forbade music as did Islam. The ancients knew the hypnotic mind control aspects music could be used for. Course now Theure all “westernised” which just means sayanused really The wicked witch of the West as Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz from the green city Emerald city.

  2. PRINCE MJ BOWIE all INSIDE THE WHEEL&ALL DEAD while fighting back after ward like steve paddock HIT man went hand biter back at the WHEEL

  3. TRILLIONire HHMI howard hughes ZERO DNA PUBLIC and zero people still fighting for his DNA all killed off for HHMI dirt money wayne MCormack PH-D built covid weapons from flying RED fox bats at HHMI and used them as weapons but ONE GOT away.INSIDE THE WHEEL ALSO drum drum amercanns

  4. I wrote afraid of americanns^^^ inside the wheel MUSE^^^ since 1957 leta powell drake stan hugh&john hugh built 100s of songs TV and big screen plyas and built doznes of Stars for the WHEEL OR else RING OF FIRE

  5. Vanguard run Google and black rock run Vanguard. And the House of Lords rules the Bank of England and Crown Law subject only to the Pope.

  6. Pretty telling that the Bipartisans are doing the “RESTRICT act” before they finish twisting the head of Justice off and discarding the body.

  7. David was a studio production from start to end,HE was way way INSIDE THE WHEEL before the internet killed the music industry and BOX office.He was still trying to self market onLINE but like prince MJ and countless Hollywood inside the WHEEL insiders he was cashed in as he was worth more DOA than alive like all the rest of the products of the OLD hollywood studio star system of yester years.NOW who know the NEW markets? hollywood sure don`t.CHINA owns hollywood anyway and TIC TIC Talk is the only real platform now so contracts signed in china and trump shirts from china and happyending tic tics living in china on china?

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