Washington Woman Breaks Her Leg While Stealing Package From Porch

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A Washington woman broke her leg while stealing UPS packages from a porch, and the case of instant karma was caught on camera.

A Washington woman slipped and fell, breaking her leg, while stealing UPS packages from a doorstep, and the case of instant karma was caught in all its glory by home security cameras.

The security footage shows a UPS driver deliver three parcels to the side door, before the brazen thief, who has been following the driver, emerges from a different car and runs across the grass to steal the packages.

However, while attempting to flee back to the car with the stolen goods, the woman slips and falls, suffering a grisly leg break.

After writhing in pain, the woman is unable to stand or use the leg. After tottering around awkwardly, a male accomplice emerges from the car and carries her back to the vehicle.


Lizeth Ababneh caught the theft on her RING and Nest security system. She said she found the video amusing, but the boxes contained medication for her husband.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s office has opened up an investigation into the theft.

Despite the broken leg, the two thieves reportedly also hit a neighbour’s house during their crime spree.

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