The Real Peter Strzok Exposed

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Peter Strzok, the FBI agent whose "secret society" texts blew up the FISA scandal, helped exonerate Hillary Clinton during the email investigation.

Evidence has emerged that Peter Strzok, the FBI agent whose “secret society” texts blew up the FISA memo scandal, helped exonerate Hillary Clinton during the email investigation. 

With sudden dramatic events in the last 24 hours, the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and confirmation that the FISA memo will be released within the next few days, eyes around the world are beginning to turn to the corruption being exposed at the top of America’s flagship agency. The FBI now stands exposed for having an anti-Trump pro-Clinton secret society nestled in its heart. And its partisan political exposure threatens to rip the agency apart.

One man is at the centre of this scandal storm – FBI Agent Peter Strzok. He had to be fired from the Mueller investigation when his texts to his girlfriend, DOJ lawyer Lisa Page, were exposed during the House Intelligence investigation.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is hot on the trail of the MISSING Strzok texts (those made from the day Mueller was appointed Special Prosecutor and for the next 5 months). Those texts WILL be found (thank you White Hats inside the NSA!) and their content is likely to be far worse than anything we have seen so far. But Strzok has already blabbed too much and the “secret society” is now in total PANIC as it becomes clear its too late to stop all their crimes from becoming public knowledge.

Twitter user @HousatonicITS has made a series of dynamite posts that tell us far more about Peter Strzok than we ever knew before. Your News Wire is happy to highlight this information to our readers. Here is a breakdown of HousatonicITServices dynamite tweets:

Strzok was in charge of interviewing Clinton, who was NOT under oath!

There are only 100 Strzok’s in the USA!

Peter Strzok senior had a Deep State career specialising in Iraq sanctions and nuclear technology.

Strzok’s brother Mark specialises in moving nuclear reactors.

And these establish that Mark Strzok married Mariana, formerly Cartwright, which means their son Devin has a grandfather pardoned by Obama for abusing the STUXNET virus used to shut down Iranian Nuclear Power as well as other intelligence hits.

Devin Strzok was at an emergency White House meeting in May 2015.

HousatonicITServices‏ makes clear this means of the 100 Strzok’s in the USA, SIX are deeply connected to what’s been going on.

Not only did Peter Strzok conduct the soft-ball “donuts” interview with Clinton, he was also the last person to ever see the HRC emails from the server back-up. This man, surrounded by a family playing at the level of nuclear weapons and geo-spatial control systems, not only protected Clinton during the FBI interview, but ALSO controlled ALL the evidence of her email crimes!

Good job HousatonicITServices‏!

Well TOUGH LUCK Swampites: All this scheming, and scheming to cover up more scheming, is all coming down around your ears now.

And THIS time, the new REAL criminal investigation around Clinton and her crimes is going to be added to by your OWN collar being felt! Seems like the “lucky run” of the Strzok’s is coming to an end.

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