Dirty Old Joe Biden Grabs Visibly Upset Girl, Whispers in Her Ear During Bill Signing at White House

Fact checked
President Joe Biden grabs little girl during bill signing at the White House

President Joe Biden can’t seem to keep his filthy hands to himself whenever he sees underage girls nearby.

On Thursday, Biden took part in a bill signing ceremony where he celebrated police officers who defended the Capitol on January 6th.

During the ceremony, Biden spotted a young girl nearby and aggressively pulled her up against his body and began whispering in her ear.

As you can see from the video blow, the little girl was visibly disturbed by the encounter.



  1. Where does this practice of bringing children onto the stage with politicians come from? Whose children are they? Why do the parents allow this dirty old, demented, sexually incorrect, man to grope their daughters, on stage, on camera, for the whole world to see? Is it some type of ritual? By now, the whole world knows how dirty this man is, and yet, they continue to show up with their children on the same stage as him? The parents are just as disgusting.

    • They’re hoping to exploit their children for favors, political appointments, payoffs, etc. That’s how our government and this sick world operates.

      • Yes Pimping their kids to pedophiles And they’re always the well respected members of their communities That’s reality . Unless they charge a straight out cash fee ,then they’re tacky .

    • nothing is ever done about this dirty old man they call “president”, makes you wonder why. Pedophilia in high places and SRA.

    • the parents are fellow members of the luciferin church, and want to be popular with the elders.

  2. Biden cannot help himself, his deviant evil lust always pushes through even in public. What a vile man.

    • You clearly haven’t seen the banned video of Hilary torturing a child to death by skinning it alive .

      • I have only seen a blurry photo of that poor child. Where can I see the video? The day of reckoning will come for these sick evil beings and it can’t come soon enough!

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