Pope Francis Warns ‘Our Planet Is Gravely Ill’

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Pope Francis

The Pope says that the international community must makes the “ecological commitment” a top priority.

“We have not awakened in the face of planetary wars and injustices, we have not listened to the cry of the poor, and of our gravely ill planet…..”We thought we would always remain healthy in a sick world.” Pope Francis told the Italian daily Il Mattino.

He added: “Today a time of trial, a time of choice, the time to choose what matters and what doesn’t, to separate what is necessary from what is not. It is time to change course.”

Brietbart reports: As he has said on numerous occasions, the pope declared that it is not enough to tweak existing systems, insisting that politics and the economy need to be rethought and completely overhauled.

The drama of land fires in southern Italy “is connected to the many dramas that the earth suffers from,” Francis said. And our mistakes “fall on the little ones, from whom we are stealing not only the future, but also the present.”

Starting from an awareness that the world is interconnected, we must not only acknowledge our errors but also “identify new behaviors” and “seek new solutions,” he said.

“It is indispensable today for every single person and the entire international community to prioritize the ecological commitment to collective, supportive and far-sighted actions,” he said. “And it is essential that the younger generations do not let their future be stolen by those who preceded them.”

In 2021, Francis declared that things would never be the same in a post-pandemic world and called for the establishment of a “new world order.”

In a book-length interview, the pope restated his case for the Great Reset with a shift away from financial speculation, fossil fuels, and a military build-up toward a green economy based on inclusiveness.

“We can no longer blithely accept inequalities and disruptions to the environment,” he said. “The path to humanity’s salvation passes through the creation of a new model of development, which unquestionably focuses on coexistence among peoples in harmony with Creation.”

“If we don’t roll up our sleeves and immediately take care of the Earth, with radical personal and political choices, with an economic ‘green’ turn by directing technological developments in this direction, sooner or later our common home will throw us out the window,” he declared.


    • Guess what It’s the basis of Corporate Law which to put in layman’s language says you must maximise profits anyway possible without getting caught. It’s the Morality of rule of law Thou Shall not get caught.

    • you should be Christian. Catholics? Baptist? Methodist? prespertarian? I don’t think Jesus thinks anything special about any of those denominations.
      Think about this, When Jesus died on the Cross, the Vail in the Temple ripped and fell to the ground. The meaning is that all can go directly to God and no human or building is needed. Salvation is a direct relationship between your temple (body) and Jesus. No buildings to go to on Sundays is necessary.
      The Church today is actually a “tradition of man” and you should be careful attending some.

  1. over 900 years the Catholics were science deniers. Now all of a sudden believe the science…. all BS from this Satan.

  2. The world is full of darkness But only CHRIST is the LIGHT and Hope.John 3;16 without this trial we could`nt have real GRACE IN FAITH as CHRIST is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD that leads us out of the darkness of the world as we also are not of this world!.

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