National Science Teachers Assoc Bans Use of Words Including Mother, Father, Man, Woman

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Science teachers must stop using terms including “parent,” “men,” “women,” “mother,” and “father” because they are “oppressive”, according to the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

The largest association of science teachers in the world has issued a guide for “anti-oppression” terminology for science teachers, which includes instructions to refer to men as “XY individuals” and fathers as “persons with testes.”

In the guide, titled “Gender-Inclusive Biology: A framework in action,” the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) mothers are now referred to as “persons with ovaries” in reference to reproduction cycles. The NSTA also announces its support for biological men competing in women’s sports, declaring the move of various states toward “Sex verification in sports” as an example of oppression.

Jonathan Turley reports: The use of such a guide by a state school would raise serious First Amendment issues. We have already seen successful litigation challenging mandatory pronoun usage, including the recent litigation involving a teacher in Loudoun County, Virginia. Yet we have also seen new cases, including the charging of three high school students for not using preferred pronouns.

Under the new guidelines, teachers are encouraged to drop terms like “male” in favor of “XY individuals.”

The NSTA suggests that this can be a fun exercise like having students come up with an entirely new name for the word “parents,” such as “gene-givers” or “biological life transmitters.” This is not likely to be viewed as a fun exercise by some teachers or students, including those with opposing deeply religious views.

I happen to believe that teachers can and should address different gender identities in relevant courses. However, this type of sweeping guide, if made mandatory or enforced through “microaggression” policies, could contravene constitutional protections.

It is important to keep this guide in its proper context. The guide does not call for mandatory rules in schools barring the use of these terms. The guide is not calling for Father’s Day cards to be converted into “Happy Person with Testes Day.” However, we have seen such guides cited as the basis for sanctions, including allegations of hostile classroom environment or micro aggressive speech.

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  1. Beg to differ your highness Perhaps we need to stop using professor teacher scientist lecturer expert doctor dentist physio head master mayor Councillor judge officer and agent as they are too OPPRESSIVE.

  2. So now teachers are saying that we can no longer expect our children to address us by “our preferred pronoun”?

    There are many, many words used to describe the MOTHER – in “their” terms, the XX life-giver – and the FATHER – in “their” terms, the XY life-giver – (for starters, they AREN’T murderers) and now children will be told what spoken terms they WILL USE to identify these people. If a person’s “pronoun” is MOM, DAD, PA, MA, or any other identifying term, they are ENTITLED to be called such.

    After all, isn’t that what all this “preferred pronoun” nonsense is for the “trans” population? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander . . .

    • And what about “persons” who “identify as mom/dad?” If males prefer to identify as females, shouldn’t they also be given the option to identify as “mom”? etc. Shouldn’t a “biological male” be able to choose to identify as “dad”?? The idiots
      making this nonsense up should be questioned on this. How come they get to be the arbitratrers of our speech?
      My husband was a scientist who taught science at one point, he is going to absolutely freak out when he hears this.

  3. I identify as a skillful speaker of twentieth century English, and these violations of my right to speak as I prefer are profoundly stupid and morally unjust, and I am not going to comply.

  4. Check out babylonbeeDOTcom/news/dc-rebrands-wonder-woman-as-wonder-person-who-menstruates/ (Replace the DOT with the real thing and no spaces).

  5. Nothing is more dangerous than an ‘educated’ idiot. The NSTA is a prime example.

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