Oxford University: Hillary Clinton Is A Psychopath

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Oxford University researchers have concluded that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton displays "extreme Machiavellian egocentricity" and should be officially considered a psychopath.

Oxford University researchers have concluded that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton displays “extreme Machiavellian egocentricity” and should be officially considered a psychopath.

The former secretary of state is famed for her disregard for the law, her love of invading foreign countries and her cold-hearted “we came, we saw, he died” response to the death of Libyan leader Gaddafi, and Oxford University researchers claim these behavioral traits provide insight into her psychopathic mind.

The study rated her for the psychopathic traits of fearless dominance, self-centered impulsivity, and coldheartedness, and then compared her results to those of other historical figures.

When her score was added up, Clinton was placed above Emperor Nero, who famously killed his own mother, and only a few points behind Adolf Hitler.

Daily Mail report: Oxford University’s Dr, Kevin Dutton has been exploring the psychopathic traits of the candidates and other historical figures using a standard psychometric tool, the Psychopathic Personality Inventory – Revised (PPI-R), reports Scientific American Mind.

While learning about these traits, Dutton also looked at which ones can be beneficial and which will lead to destruction.

He explains that being a psychopath is not an all-or-nothing affair, but is on a spectrum along which each of us has our place.

There also seems to be a range of positions that attract individuals on the high end of the psychopathic scale such as business, surgery, the law military and of course, politics.

Previous to this recent study, Dutton contacted the official biographers of many historical leads and asked them to fill out an abbreviated version of the PPI-R in order to create a table showing which traits these figures had.


The table shows each subject’s scores for psychopathy’s eight component traits.

The first three being, social influence(SI), fearlessness (F) and stress immunity(STI), which are collectively known as Fearless Dominance traits – these leaders tend to be more successful.

However, the next four traits that are known as Self-Centered Impulsivity can be destructive.

This group includes Machiavellian Egocentricity (ME), Rebellious Nonconformity (RN), Blame Externalization (BE) and Carefree Nonplanfulness (CN).

And the final trait is Coldheartedness (C), which is helpful for making tough decisions such as sending troops off to war.

The ‘league table’ implies that a majority of these well-known individuals are high scorers, such as Winston Churchill.

Clinton falls into the category Self-Centered Impulsivity and scored the highest for Machiavellian Egocentricity, which means she has a lack of empathy and sense of detachment from others for the sake of achieving her own goals.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Why did it take so long to come to that conclusion ? It was obvious after listening to that “thing” for 5 minutes. What is worse, is that all the Liberals were falling all over her like an idol (how amazing)

  2. They forgot, nuts, evil, pedophile, murderer, international war criminal, husband beater, bribe queen, repugnant, reprehensible, liar, low IQed bimbo cow.

    • She’s not a cow. Cows are GOOD to have for beef, milk, cheeze and all that. Now, apologise to the cows!

  3. Big “YaButt” here; you’ve got Donald Trump rated ABOVE Hitler! So what does that mean we are facing?

  4. Why don’t they mention that Trump scored 20 POINTS HIGHER than Clinton?? I wonder how much he paid them off to let that slide, figuring that most of the stupid American public won’t read past the headline.

    • Because you’d expect male psychopaths to score 15 or 16 points more then female ones anyway.

      And because the overall score doesn’t tell you anything in itself.

      The scores can be good or bad.

      However, Trump scored much better on the potentially good traits and good traits and not as bad on the bad traits.

      While Clinton scored as a Manipulative, Domineering, Self-Centeredly Impulsive, Egocentrially
      Machiavellian, Rebelliously Nonconformist, Blame Externalising,
      Coldhearted Beatch, who is also a Coward who cracks under

      Hope that helps!

      • OK, I admit I should have reviewed the methods of scoring more carefully than I did. Thanks for clearing that up since I probably wouldn’t have gone back to recheck the article on my own for no apparent reason.

  5. Mrs. Super predator is a cold blooded monster. Her and her husband have taken part in the murder of hundreds of thousands in Europe and Africa and the deconstruction of millions of black lives in America. She hates black people and is willing to kill to prove it.

  6. Purely made up measure. And measuring people not alive today and whom the authors never met is simply ridiculous. The true psychopaths are the Crazy Shrinks who want to govern society and class people via these totally arbitrary measures.

    • Have you bothered to read the article?

      These are potentially psychopathic traits which can be good in themselves and very good in a leader, or a fireman, or a surgeon.

      Also, don’t believe everything you read in the history books.

      They are written, or re-written, by the victors!

  7. Don’t get me wrong I believe Madame BatShiteCrazy is BatShiteCrazy….but this is bogus crapola
    1. Trump 21 points higher scored Higher.
    2. Hillary was at 152
    3 Jesus and St. Paul got 157
    4. Average level for men across the board is 155. Trump scored 171 which is 16 points above average
    5. Average level for women across the board is 139.4. Clinton Scored 152 12.6
    6. Trump Scored much higher in Fearlessness but across the board they were pretty much matched up in comparison of men to women.
    7. So according to this, pretty much everyone is BatShiteCrazy
    8. I think this is a take the bait article. Designed to find out how many would half read this crap and run with it without finding out the logic behind the results. I don’t believe there is any actual truth to any of this.

    • You are misunderstanding the results.

      Have you actually even bothered to read the article?!?!?

      Some scores are, on their own, good, such as fearlessness (well, not so good for keeping yourself safe, but great in, say, the fireman trying to rescue you).

      Many of them are also found in heroes, or are necessary in things like surgeons (could you saw off someone’s leg, never mind plunge a scalpel deep into their chest, as for drilling a hole in someone’s head…..?!?!?!).

      But they are ALSO traits of psychopaths.

      But, note, Clinton scores very low for a female psychopath on the first section, which is generally good traits, while Trump just hits the male psychopath minimum score on it. But she scores as high as Trump on Social Influence (useful for manipulating other people) but very low on Fearlessness and Stress Immunity, very bad for a, or would be, leader!

      But she then matches Trump’s scores on the first three areas of Self Centred Impulsivity, despite being a woman, who should be totalling 7 points fewer, and only gets four fewer points on the last area of this GENERALLY BAD set of traits. So, overall, she is effectively scoring three more on this section.

      But it is the first three areas, where she should be scoring much less than a man, that she is matching Trump: Machiavellian Egocentricity, Rebellious Nonconformity, Blame Externalization and scores low on Carefree Nonplanfulness, which might not be too good for a leader, say, in the middle of a war, but not so good in an ordinary human being!

      And then to cap off her psycho score she matches Trump for relative coldheartedness, which, again, can be useful in a leader, especially in war, or a hero, or a fireman or surgeon who has to make life or death decisions and decide who to save and who to let die.

      No so good in a Self-Centeredly Impulsive, Egocentrially Machiavellian, Rebelliously Nonconformist, Blame Externalising, Coldhearted beatch, especially if she is also a coward who cracks under stress!!!

      • I don’t think I was clear because your comment makes no sense to me. I think the article is BS. …even though I do believe, and have said so since I first began to understand this woman decades ago, that she is indeed BatShiteCrazy.

  8. I hereby nominate Oxford University for awards in the following categories:


    Really, does it take an Oxford study to conclude the witch cackling woman with a penchant for hurling ashtrays and profanities at anyone who annoys her, she who exuded pleasurable emotional satisfaction derived from acts of war and war crimes, now excuse me but myself and millions of others recognized Hillary’s personality as dangerously psychopathic.


    Rather than draw the ire of Clinton supporters and invite retaliation by issuing this article as a primary season warning to the world the Oxford University psychiatric dept chose to self censor, remaining mum as this sick, sadistic, deranged ,murderous PSYCOPATIC MONSTER nearly became PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!#


  9. Oh, is that a political popularity chart or a psychopathic personality chart? If the latter please move Lincoln up (he sought war) and Hitler down (sought to avoid war, rebuffed. Confirmable by examining the archived records)

  10. Why the fruck you have to use Hitler as an example ?
    The “Juden_Holoscam”, the “Kosher_Made_Holooaxs” it never happen and that is a fact we all know by now.
    Yes, She’s a criminal and should be executed, but the vampire psychopaths_jews lying about history should also be executed !!!

    • Are you actually saying the holocaust never happened? If that were true it wouldn’t be the Jews lying about it, it would be every country including the USA and all of our military that were lying about it. The proof is there for anyone wanting to research it. What is wrong with you?

      • The Hasbara shit_jo’s ravaging cowardly cause that is all they know how to do. Got paid today you stupid ??
        I don’t know in your Mexican’s mom’s whorehouse you turd, but in California we know that the Jewllywood propaganda lies won’t work any longer in the Era of Informatics.
        Go suck on your rabbi’s kosher asshole, you piece of shithhh !!!

        • By denying the Holocaust you are spitting on the graves of every American who fought in WWII. I am not Jewish, but my father was in the Army Air Corps in WWII and SAW THE CAMPS WHERE HE AND MEMBERS OF THE US ARMY rescued and released the people who had been imprisoned there after D-Day. He had pictures of some of them as well as the conditions in which they were kept. He also spoke of the huge crematoria and had photos of those too. And NOT ALL OF THOSE WHO WERE IMPRISONED WERE JEWS. I can tell by your Jew-bashing that you probably worship Hitler and wish the Nazis had won the war. You obviously are getting your misinformation from the Aryan nation or one of the other Neo-Nazi groups which is ironic because Hitler would have had your brown butt for breakfast. Obviously you never knew anyone who actually fought in WWII and saw the atrocities with their own eyes. But hate filled lunatics like yourself always claim that that which is evil is good and that which is good is evil. It’s the only way you can rationalize your twisted belief system.

  11. You know its not really journalism without providing a link to your source. It’s called propaganda without it.
    I am interested, but ignoring you, until you provide a link to the peer reviewed article in a reputable journal.

    In the mean time, for everyone else, here is the closest thing I could find quickly as a real source.
    This article indicates these qualities are important for leaders.


  12. The point on which this analysis looses credibility is on Hillary Clinton’s low score for “Blame Externalization”. No matter what goes wrong in her life, she explains every instance as being someone else’s fault, never accepting even the slightest responsibility for any failing, no matter how minor.
    The heart of the flaw in the study is encompassed by the phrase “Dutton contacted the official biographers … and asked them to fill out an abbreviated version of the PPI-R”. Clearly, the official biographer of a powerful person who is still living is much more likely to soft-pedal the critique in areas where the subject is known to be hypersensitive. This might be especially true if the subject has a reputation, deserved or not, for limiting the lifespans of those who are seen as betrayers or even potential betrayers.

    • She didn’t score low on that, she scored the same as Trump, despite being a woman, and despite, as you say, being a living subject of an official (authorised?!) biography!.

  13. You actually put Jesus Christ The Son Of God on the Judgement seat? Repent for the time of your being judged will be orchestrated by the One you so foolishly judged.

  14. They forgot about her total lack of remorse & conscience. I don’t see how this test is an improvement over the Hare Psychopathy Checklist/Test. Perhaps it just needs better presentation.

  15. I checked the scores for Jesus. Their calculations are WRONG for Jesus, only showing, that they do not KNOW Him! They may be right about Killary, but they’re definitely wrong about Jesus!

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