Does AG Whitaker’s Behavior During Testimony Indicate Trump Is Ready to Drop the Hammer?

Fact checked
AG Whitaker testimony shows Trump is about to drop the hammer

Acting AG Whitaker slammed Democrats at the House Judiciary Committee on Friday, hinting that Trump may be about to take decisive action against the rigged Mueller witch hunt. 

The Democrats attempted to put on another of their political shows about Mueller during Friday’s hearing, but Whitaker wasn’t playing along. reports: He was quite feisty as he was questioned by the chairman, pushing back on questions and what not.

This is an example of his feistiness:

That’s hilarious. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a witness at a hearing point out that someone’s time has expired. Even Nadler had to laugh at that.

Clearly Whitaker is trying to hold the committee to their agreement and he’s not bashful about it at all.

He’s also already scolded the committee:

In case you missed it, you can watch an archive of the hearing here.


  1. Trumps got the kind of hammer you see at the fair to ring the bell. Let that massive hammer drop. DROP BABY DROP!_____________ I T ‘ S ____A B O U T ____ T I M E .

  2. The “Congressional Curia” coastal elites from Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Georgetown look down on anyone who graduated from a ‘state’ school. AAG Whitaker knew exactly how to ‘trigger’ these self-righteous fools.

  3. I think Whitaker was just reacting to their ridiculous ‘dog and pony show’.
    Those wolves were on my last nerve and I commend Mr Whitaker for conducting himself much better than I would.

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