UK Gov’t Claims ‘No Need’ To Probe ‘Skyrocketing’ Excess Deaths Post-Vaccine Rollout

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The UK government has acknowledged there has been a massive increase in excess deaths in the last twelve months since the mRNA vaccines were rolled out to the masses, however they are refusing to commission an inquiry into why so many people in Britain are suddenly dying.

According to the UK government, there is no need to investigate the deaths of millions of British citizens following their decision to push experimental mRNA vaccines on the population.

Esther McVey, a conservative from Taunton, used an official forum to ask a question to parliament, addressing Neil O’Brien, the Secretary of State for the Department of Health and Social Care, and inquiring whether the government is planning to investigate the sudden spike in excess deaths plaguing the nation.

However, while admitting there have been excess deaths in England in the last year, O’Brien was adamant there are no plans to investigate why people in heavily-vaccinated Britain are starting to drop like flies.

“The Department has no plans to commission an investigation into the excess deaths in England in the last 12 months but will continue to monitor and report on levels of excess deaths,” replied the Department of Health and Social Care.

“A combination of factors has contributed to an increase in the number of deaths, including high flu prevalence, the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 and health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.”

The UK government is essentially pleading the fifth.

According to newly released government data, excess deaths in the last few months were higher than than the whole of 2021 – 67,724 vs 54,770 above the pre-pandemic five-year average – and just a quarter were from Covid.

Unexpected deaths are more than 10% higher than the pre-Covid average, with experts warning we are facing “a catastrophe of equal proportion to the pandemic itself”.

They are calling for an urgent investigation into the causes, with figures showing that there were more excess – or unexpected – losses last year than in 2021.

There were 67,724 extra deaths in England and Wales between April 30th 2022 and April 28th 2023. That is 12.8% above the pre-­pandemic five-year average.

Of these, a quarter were attributed to Covid, with three-­quarters given as non-coronavirus causes.

This excess is higher than the number of excess deaths during the pandemic in 2021. Then there were 54,770 extra, mostly Covid deaths compared to the pre-pandemic five-year average – a 10.3% increase.

Experts have puzzled over the cause of the post-pandemic rise, which has been largely attributed to heart problems or diabetes.

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