Muslims In Michigan Choose Their Next U.S. President, Bernie Sanders

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Muslims In Michigan go anti-anti-Semitic on Super Tuesday, declare Fatwa on 'Bull'

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders won the Michigan Primary on Tuesday night by beating his only rival Hillary Clinton in what the established media calls a shocking victory and the pollsters call the result of the century- one that did not tally with their outrageously wild predictions.

Whichever way you want to look at it or ignore it, the fact is that Bernie Sanders is a true anti-establishment warrior and has medals to prove it.

People have had enough of the established nonsense being peddled as political talking points while real and immediate hardships follow their life’s burden of having to breathe and survive on a blessed continent without a caring hierarchy . Bernie’s Republican opposition, Donald Trump is also said to represent the “pissed off”, the “angry” the “downtrodden” who have had enough and know what they don’t want.

The difference between the two winning candidates from last nights second Super Tuesday primaries is that Bernie has experienced and fought against policies which take the “piss” out of ordinary people on behalf of the “elite” or the “establishment” whereas Mr Trump has googled it. Their respective followers either see themselves as individually “downtrodden” or their fellow countrymen as a whole.

Speaking of Google, Bermie Sanders uses the internet for purpose while Donald Trump wants to shut it down (if need be) and probably sees it as a threat- Online casinos don’t need to purchase prime real state, they exist in the cloud. Ordinary good folk can contribute to any campaign. You can count on your present virtues and not your past rich friends, and raise funds online.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders’ student town hall meeting in Fairfax, Virginia

International Business Times reports:

As the results rolled in, television pundits like Lawrence O’Donnell and Chuck Todd marveled on MSNBC that Sanders was doing so well in Dearborn “despite” the large Arab-American population there. WNYC radio host Brian Lehrer tweeted that Sanders’ dominance in Dearborn was “the stat of the night,” later adding “It’s official: Arab city feels the Jewish Bern.” Meanwhile, The Week dubbed it “just one more strange data point in an election overflowing with them.”

The assumption implicit in such commentary, of course, is that Muslims are biased against Jews — and that when they do cast a vote for Jewish candidates, it’s because they’ve somehow managed to overcome their own inherent anti-Semitism. But this fascination with Dearborn’s support of Sanders actually demonstrates the media industry’s own all-too-prevalent prejudice — and reveals how much reporting on American Muslims is still rooted in an unsophisticated naiveté about what motivates them.

“It’s no surprise that the mainstream media … is guilty of promoting two-dimensional caricatures of Muslims and Arabs,” said Hend Amry, a Libyan-American writer who frequently comments on social issues related to Muslims. “I tweeted that the media is shocked that Dearborn residents didn’t announce an ‘intifada’ against Jewish Bernie Sanders to point out this very stereotype.”

Khaled Beydoun, a law professor who specializes in Arab populations, wrote that “the ‘Muslims voting for a Jew’ tagline is trite,” adding that Muslims in Michigan were supporting Sanders because of his progressive politics and outreach.

Indeed, the Sanders campaign has focused on courting the Arab population in Dearborn, especially in the last week. He met with Arab-American leaders in the city, released an Arab-language radio ad in the Dearborn market, and reiterated at a Dearborn campaign rally that “we’re going to end bigotry in this country once and for all.” It’s hardly a new theme in Sanders’ campaign — he has spoken out against anti-Muslim rhetoric for months, likening such prejudice to the conditions his Jewish parents faced preceding the Holocaust.

“Arabs, both Muslim and Christian, have long been targets of discriminatory anti-terrorism policies, and Sanders’ campaign has responded to these concerns better than anyone else. He even promoted his campaign platform of equality and dignity in Arabic,” said Amry. “We are also seeing, perhaps, a response to the Sanders’ campaign’s attack of corporate America. Michigan’s blue-collar Arab Americans are suffering economic challenges too, not just white blue-collar Americans.”

Those economic challenges were some of the reasons Muslim voters in Michigan said they were pulling the lever for Sanders. Shiab Mussad, a 22-year-old recent college graduate from Dearborn, told the Detroit Free Press that he was impressed with Sanders’ passion about making college more affordable. He added that Sanders’ faith was not under consideration when he was deciding his vote.

“He has a good foreign policy record,” said Mussad. “I support him because of his policies, not because of … his personal religion.”

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