CNN: ‘We Saved Democracy’

Fact checked
CNN declares that it saved democracy

CNN is so fixated on its own echo chamber reality that even as the network faces multiple sexual assault and pedophilia scandals, and declining viewership, guests and hosts are still claiming the network is the pinnacle of integrity and truth.

A recent example of this occurred over the weekend as CNN’s chief propagandist Brian Stelter interviewed Media Studies Professor David Zurawik who declared that the far-left network literally “saved democracy” in America.

“CNN is one of the stations of all the television broadcast networks and cable channels it pushed harder from 2016 to 2020 against Trump and it was part of the fire wall that I think has saved democracy this far under Jeff Zucker,” Zurawik declared. reports: That will be the Jeff Zucker who just resigned for allegedly having an affair with a CNN colleague.

Clearly in total denial, Stelter replied “That is a very important piece of context for the conversations that I’ve been having the last few days about Zucker’s exit. I know a lot of people blame him for enabling Trump, others praise him for holding the line and even taking Trump to court when–here at CNN.”


CNN peddled ‘Russia stole the 2016 election’ crap for five years straight, and continues to do so. Stelter has campaigned for outright censorship of any and all of CNN’s competitors no matter who they are. The notion that he or the network saved anything is patently ludicrous.