Trudeau Vows to Prosecute Americans Who Donate to Freedom Convoy

Fact checked
Trudeau vows to prosecute Americans who donated to the Freedom Convoy truckers

Justin Trudeau’s government has warned Americans donating to the Freedom Convoy protest that they could be subject to criminal prosecution.

Yes, really.

Reading from a script, Justin Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino warned that the Canadian government intends to prosecute any American who may have donated to the Freedom Convoy protest effort. 

Minister Mendicino falsely claimed that the Ottawa protest group was a “violent”, “hate” group.  The Ottawa truck drivers were described as an “angry, loud, intolerant and violent crowd,” who “threaten the national security of Canada.” reports: Following his outline of the violent mob, Minister Mendicino switched his targeting to the donors who have supported the Freedom Protest, saying that Canada has a “robust” intelligence community that will flag for the Trudeau administration all concerns of national security, as well as a separate branch within the RCMP that looks into these types of issues.

“That’s why I’m certainly confident that wherever there’s foul play of the sort, that we’ll be in a position to act appropriately,” said Mendicino.  “If, for example, someone was contributing with the intent of either causing public harm or trying to undermine public safety, that would be something that would be against the law, and there would be appropriate sanctions for that, if proven in the court of law,” he said.

(CTV CANADA) – […]Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair added that it is necessary to cast a light on the sources of funding who are endorsing “illegal activity.”

“I think when [Canadians] understand the source of some of this funding, it helps them understand the motivation of this protest – who is actually behind it – and I think it also reveals some of the false nature of claims being made and the positions being put forward,” he said on Monday.

MPs on the House of Commons Public Safety and National Security Committee have called GoFundMe to testify about the funds raised.

“Important questions remain about how such a huge sum of money could be raised by anonymous donors and what their motivations were. People are rightly worried about American interference and what sort of standard is applied when donations are accepted,” reads a statement from the NDP’s public safety critic Alistair MacGregor.

“It’s not enough for GoFundMe to cancel the campaign as though there’s nothing to see here.”

These Canadian officials are bonkers.

How much does the government of Canada spend lobbying and influencing our congress for policies that are against our interests?  Billions.  Yet, send a few bucks to support the working class protest groups opposing the Canadian government, and they intend to launch the full capability of the North American intelligence apparatus against ordinary Americans?

There’s a certain pathological mindset who would make such statements.

I think maybe all of those booster shots have impeded the Canadian government’s ability to remain stable.  



  1. What Trudy doesn’t realise yet, but probably will after his next zoot, is that Hitler himself has risen from the dead and is coordinating all of this from a secret location on some island in the Kara Sea. Not alone either, he’s got his mate Napoleon with him.

    Very hypocritical of Trudy telling everyone to take the vaccine, having stopped taking his own meds.

  2. I wonder how he will prosecute someone in the USA, will the Canadian police come and get us. I hope they remember we have gun here in freedom land?

  3. LOL, I didn’t think to donate, because it’s a Canadian thing, but how does this reject expect he will enforce Canadian law on Americans. Guess I’ll donate now.

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