President Trump Declares Support for Joe Rogan – Liberals Outraged

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President Trump says he fully supports Joe Rogan and his right to free speech - liberals outraged

President Trump says he fully supports Joe Rogan, and has warned that Rogan’s battle against the far-left censors is part of a bigger war to save free speech in America.

In an interview with Todd Starnes recently, Trump weighed in on the recent Spotify decision to censor Joe Rogan’s podcasts.

The following is a partial transcript of Donald Trump’s interview:

Starnes: [01:47:56] It’s a fair question, Mr. President, and one that deserves an answer. I want to switch gears real quick. You have been warning Americans for years about the cancel culture mob. They came after Joe Rogan with such ferocity. And they’re trying to get this guy erased. Even the president of the United States, Joe Biden weighing in, the White House weighing in and wanting Spotify to cancel Joe Rogan. Do you stand with Joe? [01:48:24][27.6]

Trump: [01:48:26] I stand with Joe. I stand with free speech. I stand with fair elections. I stand with strong borders. Look at what’s happening to our country. We have millions and millions of people pouring into our country. We have no idea where they come from, what they stand for. We have terrorists coming into our country. We’ll be paying a big price over the years. We have prisoners. They have, they’re emptying their prisons into our country. We have no borders whatsoever. And our elections are corrupt. No voter I.D. When they fight for no voter I.D., what do you think that means they fight? We don’t want voter I.D. We will not approve anything with voter I.D. There’s only one reason they do that because they are defrauding the people of this country from a fair and free election. Why wouldn’t somebody want voter I.D.? In other words, you’re going to vote and we want to see voter I.D. We want a picture or whatever is necessary for voter I.D.. And interesting, when the Democrats had their national convention, they had very large pictures of themselves before they could get in. You wouldn’t get in. You couldn’t get in, no matter who you were, unless you had voter ID, unless you had an I.D. ID called it an identification card, which was strong with a big picture, a picture the size of your chest. And if you didn’t do that, you couldn’t get into the Democratic National Convention. But when it comes to voting, they don’t want that. All they want is mail-in voting because it’s corrupt. [01:49:56][89.8]



  1. Well good luck It’s a David and goliath battle. You need to know where to aim for the crucial strike or your done for. And I don’t think they do know so that’s that.

  2. That’ll be helpful. Like when Tony Blair threw his support behind the EU referendum ‘remain’ camp and the polls immediately went from ‘remain’ to leave’. Wealthy politicians would help more if they just kept their mouths shut and stayed out of stuff.

  3. Fatten Trump’s wallet? Netanyahu’s bff. nah. I am more interested in fattening vested Americans wallets by creating new business for them instead of for immigrants and foreigners. No special color required. All that is required is you prove that your forefathers were legitimate american citizens. Project Paperclip families need not apply.

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