London Mayor: Police Preparing For Civil War After Brexit

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Sadiq Khan says Londoners should prepare for civil war after Brexit

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned that British police are preparing for civil war in Britain following Brexit next year.  

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr program, Khan warned that there will be anarchy on the streets of the UK if Britain leaves the European Union.

“Let me tell you the facts, which are that the police currently are preparing for the possibility of civil unrest. That’s happening now, already,” the globalist Mayor said. reports: He went on to say the effects of the impending Brexit are already being felt in the Capital.

He added: “What’s happening now already is our NHS wards are understaffed.

“What’s happening now already is developers I speak to are telling me workers aren’t returning from their summer holidays.

“What’s happening already is the highest vacancy rates in London for mental health nurses, for NHS nurses and for social care.”

Mr Khan confirmed he would want any people’s vote to have remaining in the EU as an option.

Writing in the Observer, Mr Khan said the only two possible outcomes are now a bad deal or no deal, which would be even worse.

He said: “They are both incredibly risky and I don’t believe Theresa May has the mandate to gamble so flagrantly with the British economy and people’s livelihoods.”


  1. Knan is King in English.The lord mayor of Corporate city of London is King of the worlds Financial Capital The centre of materialism exemplified .The centre of rule of Crown Law and Economic Imperialism.

    • The Lord Mayor and the Mayor of London are two different positions. Khan is not the Lord mayor (a post only held for a year, I believe, and much more ceremonial). The Mayor is in charge of transport, the police and various things in the boroughs of London. It has little to do with the City.

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