3 Attorneys Found Dead In Wasserman Schultz Florida District In 2 Weeks

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Fearing for his life as colleagues and attorneys drop dead around him, DNC fraud lawsuit attorney seeks protection order from court, citing dead lawyers, Seth Rich's unsolved murder and Shawn Lucas' untimely death.

DNC fraud lawsuit attorney seeks protection order from court, citing dead lawyers, Seth Rich's unsolved murder and Shawn Lucas' untimely death.

Three high profile attorneys have been found dead in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Florida district in the last two weeks, prompting the plaintiff in the massive DNC fraud lawsuit being held in Florida to request protection from the court for the plaintiffs, their witnesses and their families.

While the DNC fraud lawsuit has been hit with a mainstream media blackout, the case continues to unravel the corruption at the heart of the Democratic National Committee, and with the discovery phase still to come, the skeletons in the DNC’s closet have never been closer to receiving a disinfecting dose of sunlight.

Jared Beck, attorney for the plaintiffs in the DNC fraud lawsuit taking place in Miami, uploaded a video Tuesday in which he thanked supporters for offering their “concerns, prayers and support” in the wake of recent disturbing murders.

After much consideration and deliberation we have decided it is time to bring these concerns to the court’s attention. Today we filed a motion to judge William Zloch, to issue an order providing for the protection of the plaintiffs and their families, as well as all potential witnesses in the DNC fraud lawsuit.”

“In support of this motion we have cited the following events: the untimely death of our process server, Shawn Lucas; the unsolved murder of DNC employee, Seth Rich. We believe Mr Rich might have been a potential witness in this case. We have also cited the recent untimely death of federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant in South Florida. Also recent bizarre and disturbing conduct, including threats, that has been directed at plaintiffs, their counsel, and employees. And we have also cited an offer to provide security by the Oathkeepers, and its president Stuart Rose.

The motion published on the Beck’s website JamPAC included the declaration of a plaintiff in the suit, describing allegations that her laptop had been tampered with, allegedly by an individual who had illegally entered her home.

The huge class-action fraud lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee keeps getting weirder and it now involves the Capitol Police.

Today’s announcement comes after the Becks had reported receiving a creepy anonymous phone call from somebody using a voice changer. After a Google search the Becks found the caller ID number matched that of former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Aventura office.

According to attorney Elizabeth Lee Beck: “At 4:54 p.m. today [June 1], an individual called our law office from ‘305-936-5724.'” That number is the contact phone number for Wasserman Schultz’s Aventura office in Florida.

My secretary stated that it sounded like the caller was using a voice changer, because the voice sounded robotic and genderless — along the lines of the voice changers used when television show interviews are kept anonymous,” Beck continued. “The caller concluded with ‘Okey dokey,’ after my secretary gave the caller public information about the case. After the call ended, a simple Google search of the phone number ‘305-936-5724′ shows that it is the phone number for Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Aventura office … What just occurred is highly irregular and we will be filing the instant e-mail with the court forthwith.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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        • Sean Lucas. In the last week of June 2016, Lucas filed the Court Order on the DNC starting this whole case. Three weeks later he was found dead on his bathroom floor. So that covers 2 — but I’m looking for the 3rd one. Look him up on YouTube … Sean Lucas.

          • Hahaha. Yeah, right ! ! !

            Did you see the video of him actually serving the DNC with the Court Order ??

            Shawn Lucas was ITCHING to drag Wasserman to court. Repeat … “ITCHING” !!

            He taped the process service “live”. Go to Youtube and watch his “shameless glee” at the prospect of dragging her to court. Just because the papers said “depression” doesn’t make it true.

          • Should have read your stuff before responding…a real conspiracy nut theorist. shameful.

          • You do know that your source is a well known FAKE news site. They make up stuff for money. it does explain your posts though.

          • You have the lawyers mixed up. Ervin Gonzales, a hi profile personal injury lawyer from Miami committed suicide. He struggled with mental illness. If you do know anything about depression however, or bi polar, or a whole host of mental health conditions, one can be happy and itching to go one day and depressed the next.

          • Nope. That’s incorrect. The attorney who washed up dead in Miami with a hole in his head (whatever the cause) was Beranton Whisenant — A FEDERAL PROSECUTOR — not immigration lawyer. Hahahaha.

            In fact, watch the video above, released by Attorney Jared H. Beck. He’s the one suing the DNC for $60 Million on behalf of The Bernies. The filthy, grubby Debbie Wasserman–Schultz has been “caught” trying to manipulate and threaten Attorney Beck and his staff. Wasserman called his office asking weird questions USING AN ELECTRONIC VOICE CHANGER —- hahahahah ! ! ! — and the calls led straight back to her office at Congress. So, Beck filed a motion seeking protection from her. Here’ an excerpt from his statement above which mentions BERANTON WHISENANT — THE FEDERAL PROSECUTOR.

            “In support of this motion we have cited the following events: the untimely death of our process server, Shawn Lucas; the unsolved murder of DNC employee, Seth Rich. We believe Mr Rich might have been a potential witness in this case. We have also cited the recent untimely death of federal prosecutor BERANTON WHISENANT in South Florida. Also recent bizarre and disturbing conduct, including threats, that has been directed at plaintiffs, their counsel, and employees … ”

            So … NO … I did not get the attorneys mixed up. However, you could be right that Shawn Lucas was not an attorney. I read 3 articles that said he was an attorney who moonlighted as a process server. Either way, all three a dead, so gives a shyte what he did for a living.

          • He was a federal prosecutor who worked in IMMIGRATION fraud dept.

            and no, i am not gonna listen to unproven unsubstantiated charges by a bernie flack who also supports conspiracy theories. He should have helped his processor know how much drugs he can take without overdosing , instead of trying to insinuate it had anything to do with the DNC. Just shows that some far far left nuts are as bad as the far right nuts.

            2 of the 3 died of reasons other than murder and had zero to do with the DNC. We don’t yet know the cause of death of the prosecutor ( for immigration fraud) but an attorney who keeps peddling these conspiracies to his clients after the facts are already known on 2 of the 3 is despicable. Usually has to do with $$$$$. And the despicable people using the Rich young man to further his case…..might as well have the lawyer start representing Alex Jones.

          • Why are you so defensive and keep calling people conspiracy theorists that are just pointing out facts? You seem to think you have it all figured out when there are still many questions about Lucas and Rich’s murders. If the corrupt DNC is not paying you, they should be, but the problem is most sane people can tell you are a wack job.

          • You use loon web sites that are well known conspiracy theorists and i am the kook? almost funny. However, the police had Rich’s computer, it was looked at, and the things the loons say are on it…lo and behold, were not. the family has now had the computer,has begged you nuts to stop with all the fake news…do you? hell no. I am happy that the kooks think i am a wack job.

          • By the way, the 3 lawyers….1 was not actually a lawyer, one committed suicide, 1 was murdered, they believe although that has not actually been confirmed by officials. Lucas and Rich…the only people who still have questions are the RW loons using it for partisan political purposes.

          • The reason i thought you had the attorneys mixed up is that your link was about the personal injury lawyer who committed suicide and had nothing to do with anything, the process server died of an accidental drug overdose, and the federal prosecutor is prosecuting immigration fraud. we know the cause of death of the 1st 2, not the last one.

          • Miami Herald really? Why don’t you cite Rolling Stone while you’re at it.

          • Maybe I misread the title of the article, but thought it was alluding to the last few weeks?

          • Sean Lucas a process server , not a lawyer. The autopsy concluded he died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl, a muscle relaxant and a migraine medication.

          • it’s hard to know if you are serious or not. if serious, how sad. If you are pointing out the lunacy of the conspiracy loons…good job.

          • he was. murdered with fentanyl. you are one closed minded ole bird. Wanna here a conspiracy theory? that there was a dude who walked on water and died for everyone’s sins… Well, died for the weekend and was resurrected, but, shoot. That was a long weekend for him. Paying for every sin from every man woman child ever born. And he did it all in one weekend!!

          • Close minded? thinking that the police ( you know, those who actually investigated) know more than the fake news folks who investigated nothing? yeah, you go with that. And i thought Jesus was against lying?

          • No you’re not closed minded, you’re just dumb. Seth Rich was murdered during a “botched robbery” but the only problem was, nothing was stolen. Only moronic hacks like you would believe such a thing. Great job!

          • Dumb is thinking that without investigating a single thing…you know more than the cops do. What do you think a ” botched” robbery means by the way? And yes, that happens….you shoot someone, start to get their stuff and then the police or someone shows up and you flee like mad rather than steal something and get caught.

            But if Info Wars floats your boat, by all means, contribute mightily to the Alex Jones making $$$$$ off the ignorant.

          • Oh so thats what happened they were in the process of stealing his stuff after shooting him in the back and someone showed up? Ok so where is the person that “showed up” You sound like the conspiracy theorist with that one but I’m sure the DNC appreciates you being the useful idiot or the paid disinfo agent you are.

          • That is one possibility that the cops have speculated but yes, since there were no witnesses, nobody actually knows. Of course, you are perfectly fine to make an assumption that somehow this is all related to the DNC or Hillary. This computer that allegedly ties Rich to Wikileaks….has been reviewed. And lo and behold, it does NOT tie him to Wikileaks or ANYTHING else nefarious. Has that stopped you from peddling the garbage you do?

          • Makes perfect sense, they want to rob him so first they shoot him in back (twice) and then decide its to dangerous to take anything from him (except his life of course). If you are not being paid by the corrupt DNC/Deep State traitors, you should be, they love coincidence theorists like you.

          • Ok….end of my discussion with you. yeah boy, you know more than the cops, more than Rich’s parents and you and your buddies are not conspiracy loons….it is those of us who call out your lies and conspiracies who are. Either you really are this ignorant or you are a paid troll. no more time to waste on such utter ignorance and stupidity..

          • We got your Alex Jones point twenty posts ago. You seem like a nice, very naive person. Politics is a dirty game and you nor anyone else knows the half of it. You shouldn’t waste your time defending anyone who destroys subpoenaed evidence.

          • Not near as naive as you think…been a long long time since anyone who has accused me of being naive. My dad was a lobbyist for big oil…i learned more than i wanted to.

            But about the subpoenaed evidence….who are you talking about? Am guessing it’s HRC, but for the record, it was a staffer who did so…not at her instruction and the FBI addressed that issue and decided charges were not warranted for that person. Perhaps they know something more about it?

            Not believing the Clinton’s are serial murderers makes me sane, not naive.

    • Ludicrous. While I support the lawsuit, everybody who dies isn’t the Clinton’s responsibility. Lucas was only a process server and OD’d. Seth Rich was murdered after partying all night, walking alone at 4 am in DC. Beranton J. Whisenant Jr worked passport and visa cases and was just appointed to major crimes. Early on the U.S. attorney’s office and FBI determined that it had no connection to his employment as a prosecutor or his federal criminal cases, leaving the death investigation to the Hollywood Police Department.

      • You know Capemh, I would agree.. but when people who are associated with the clintons are the ones dropping dead, and so many suicides, even shooting themselves in the back of the head.. I have to ask.. whats my chances of going out as a suicide if I were needing to testify against the hillite..

          • It really is. I just figure that their brains are entirely composed of RWNJ talking points.

          • Sigh. We have our talking points, but i damn sure try to make sure they are factual and not just Batsh*t crazy conspiracies before i peddle them. Some of the folks on their lists died of heart attacks, in plane crashed determined to be pilot error and some are not really linked to the Clinton’s. They got about 10-12 names on 1 list that are just rival drug dealers killing each other off and some of their associates. Actually spent some time going over the list and it is just shocking the ignorance in believing that stuff.

          • That’s one of the things I like about you: You always know what you’re talking about and it’s obvious that you research things and, on the rare times you’ve been wrong about something, you admit it and thank the person who let you know. I try to do the same.

            I’m assuming you had a wonderful trip and your furry friend was thrilled to see you when you got home.

          • 🙂 thanks, my friend.

            The furry friends….were happy but also gave us the cold shoulder for a day. It’s funny to see them flit between ” you left us” to ” oh boy, you’re home. ” Do cats do that too?

          • Cats kind of do that even when their humans don’t go anywhere, lol.

            Mt Great Pyrenees would do that. He would act offended for as long as he could and then he would melt. He was such a sweetie.

          • I certainly do. He was such a character.

            One of my favorite incidents was when I was walking the dogs along the river when I lived out west. A Native American on a horse came by so I stepped off the trail and had the dogs sit until he walked by so as not to startle or upset the horses. As he passed, he looked at Puppy (all 100+ pounds of him) and remarked about his horse: “I bet he thinks that’s a bear.”

          • After the dogs had all passed away. The one I have now is a stray who accepted my invitation to join me (and I’m SO glad she did).

          • Or Obamas?? Hmmm??
            Obama’s ‘dead pool’ nachumlist

            You’ve read a lot about Obama, haven’t you?? Uh, huh! NOW READ THIS!!! Page one names the LBGT working in Obama’s administration as well as Muslims and what positions they hold. The “body bag” list bypasses the Clintons (which, by the way, is included! Many, many more than just 50)!! I can’t believe how many people have been murdered in just these two administrations to cover up crimes they’ve committed!! We’ve dropped our POTUS and Family right smack dab in the middle of a nest of vipers. Just type or paste the link above and below into your search engine.
            Before Trump can get anything done, he has to drain the slimy creatures from the swamp. This we know for a fact. This is one of the reasons we have to vote ALL INCUMBENT democrats and rinos out of office ASAP. The Kenyan left the White House and congress infiltrated with trash that Trump has to dispose of. Have you even heard of………

            Obama’s ‘dead pool’ nachumlist

          • oh good god. I hate it when women are so damn stupid and fall for this garbage. Seriously, do you need to believe this garbage? Conspiracies galore. Need to put you on the batsh6t crazy list….maybe near the top. Sad.

          • Just go to http://www.nightscribe.com/Politics/clintonhitlist.htm and let me know what you think. It simply lists names with very short, usually 2 or 3 line explanations of who they were and how they died without political bias.
            It is simply information, and I would be interested to know your thoughts and arguments concerning it. Don’t be lazy and try to put me down with your labels, just skim the page.

          • I would urge you to do your research on this list. Many are completely unrelated to the Clinton’s in ANY way but are for whatever reason, moment job decided to list them on a Clinton body count type thing.

            Much of the short notes about the deaths are complete garbage.I’ll give you a few examples
            Stan Higgins listed as a suicide…cornoner said pneumonia
            Hershel Friday- says his private jet exploded..NTSB says pilot error resulted in a plane crash
            Suzanne Coleman…suicide, yes, but she was not having any affair with Bill Clinton. We know this because George Bush supporter hired a private eye to try to prove it…admitted there was nothing to this rumor
            Mary Mahoney…murdered but she was NOT about to go public with anything about Bill Clinton. Some reporter guessed she was the M who was gonna spill the beans…the M turned out to be Monica.

            I mean, people who died in plane crashes, had heart attacks and because they may have know the Clinton’s intimately, or maybe just met them 1 time are now on a list of suspicious deaths? It’s just ridiculous.

            Vince Foster did commit suicide. 3 separate investigations confirmed it. So??? I know 6 people who committed suicide….and i promise i didn’t do a damn thing to any of them.

            Ed Willey…left a note, he was deep in debt. His wife, Kathleen WIlley is one of the 2 loudest accusers of Bill Clinton acting inappropriately, but she was NOT believed by the FBI or Ken Starr? why? because her friends said she chased Bill, she bragged about it, asked a friend to lie for her and say she had told them Bill groped her.

            Ron Brown….died in a plane crash. The so called bullet to the head did not hold up after it was further investigated as there was no bullet, no metal fragments, no bone fragments and no exit wound.

            What you have is a list of people who died. I know besides the 6 who have committed suicide, 4 people murdered…again, i was not involved.

            Small planes crash. I know of 2 people killed in a small plane crash.

            the Clintons are politicians, famous and rich. They know tons of people and guess what…people die, some suspiciously, some tragically, and some of natural causes or illnesses.

            What you see in these lists are PARTISAN HIT PIECES and people who want to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$– and a lot of it…off of peddling absurd and not remotely true conspiracy theories.

            I feel bad for people who believe the garbage…they are just pawns for either the politicians trying to get their votes or those trying to make money off of the looney conspiracies. But I have a hard time with them when they don’t educate themselves on this stuff and simply believe it.

            BTW, there also are some ( not on the same level) who peddle that the Bush family has murdered their enemies…just as false.

            Clintons’s are a lot of things….but serial murderers..not remotely true.

          • Depends on who’s doing the investigating, I’d say. Wonder when they’ll get around to investigating Clinton’s ”private” coroner??

        • It’s fake news. Vince Foster was investigated over and over again and the man simply DID commit suicide. The Clinton’s know more people than most of us ever will and there is NOT 1 bit of evidence that links them to any suspicious deaths. When the loons think that anybody who knows the Clinton’s dies….that the deaths are suspicious, the fake news folks are thrilled. Ka ching….million dollar industry convincing folks the Clinton’s are serial murderers. It is utter lunacy.

          • well it is blatantly obvious that your first mistake is to believe anything at this point that the “FBI” spews out. Mr. Comey sealed the lid on that coffin quite some time ago. So If you are willing to put your life into the hands of what we already know, by Mr. Comey’s already false testimony before the hill, then you go right ahead. Meanwhile the rest of sensible and rational America will not be given to such BS especially when ever the Clinton’s are involved. Oh, you don’t believe that Hillary and Bill are guilty of crimes? Pathetic. Absolutely Pathetic. Hillary Clinton has some how managed to scrape from one scandal to the next, her entire political career, and so far has escaped her rightful orange, prisoner’s jumpsuit, she does love the pantsuits by the way. The American People are not such fools as you claim that we are. Thank you.

          • Give me a break, Tim. You are reading a RW FAKE NEWS site. I suppose you believe Alex Jones buys the cr.p he spews? ( course his lawyer admits it’s just an act…you know, for $$$ , to fool the rubes.

            Yeah man, those Clinton’s are just awesome criminals. Despite being scrutinized to death, having 1 investigation after another, many lasting yrs, they just always ” skate”.

            How can anyone have a serious conversation with folks who believe the clinton’s are serial murderers?

            Those fake news sites need rubes like you. You fund them. and yah, only you nuts know a thing. Police, FBI…nah….you do.

            BTW, the FBI not investigating the Seth Rich thing. The local did. They looked at the computer….but you nuts, who have never seen the computer , you just KNOW what is on it. And the family…who has the computer….nah, you know. The cops who viewed the computer, who had their tech folks go over it…nah, they know nothing, but you who never has seen it…well you know.

            DWS…don’t know what she did or did not do. Neither do you. There needs to be an investigation. What we know is she had some lousy hires, some folks who were criminals. Was she involved? don’t know. if she was, she should face the music. But if she is found to not have done anything, you nuts won’t accept it, will you?

            That’s the difference between us. I will accept the investigation. I am not covering for DWS…just too soon to know what she did, if anything. But yeah, you already have her down as guilty. So much for that Constitution you conservatives say you love, eh?

            But yeah, i would bet my life that the Clinton’s are not serial murderers. You however, i would not bet that you are not batsh>t crazy.

            And ” matter”….oh my, because calling something a ” matter” instead of an investigation changed ….well nothing.

            Go help Alex Jones get richer.

          • Well, good luck with all of that, and with you as well, in your soon to be enlightened future. Thank you and have a pleasant , peaceful, yet productive day.

          • The only rubes who believe exactly as they are told to believe are the democrats, which, by the way, happens to be the most crime-ridden political party in the history of the United States. Just sayin’.

          • So, O’ smart one, if the Clinton’s aren’t criminals please explain what they did with the millions of dollars donated to the people of Haiti. They’re still without homes, running water, food, jobs, etc.

          • Do you truly think that Bill and Hillary Clinton personally micromanage the monies that are donated to the Clinton foundation? I mean how could they…they are running around committing serial murders.


          • PS. most of America IS rational and know that the garbage you spew is …well garbage.

          • Speak for yourself. Most of America believe the Clintons ARE criminals, hence PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. Get the point?

          • b/c Trump won an impossible race for him to win. Way more Trumpers than msm or anybody suspects & growing everyday

          • DWS brother is assistant DA is Wash DC district Seth was killed. No investigation, no paperwork.

          • Duckduckgo it (Google it) Easily Proven, about 20 stories with his name mentioning Sis DWS

          • yes there is now a law that if someone works for you commits a crime, it means you committed one too. oh wait.

          • No, it’s utter lunacy not to at least question it. My God, if the same numbers were in the Trump camp, you are a liar and a hypocrite if you say the dems wouldn’t be screaming for an investigation. And now bc it’s the Clintons, you are calling people who are questioning their activities lunatics? And do you honestly think that hi-profile people like the Clintons, if they are guilty of conspiracy to murder, wouldn’t be wise enough to cover their tracks and keep all evidence from pointing to them directly? If you believe this, not only are you a liar, and a hypocrite, but you’re stupid, too. And dangerously so.

          • How long did the GOP investigate vince Foster’s suicide? When the nuts refuse to accept what is obvious, when they think they know more than the investigators do, they are partisan hacks who are loons. . I would call anyone who said Trump was a serial murderer a lunatic too. Hating the politician is not reason to call them a murderer.

            But i will move on….anyone who actually is sticking to the Clinton’s are serial murderers not worth my time.

          • Funny but I thing one of the biggest problems is utter lunacy..not knowing the difference between truth and fiction.

        • I wonder if Capemh actually believes what he’s saying? Really?? No one is THAT Gullible, are they?? Sheesh!!

          • You actually are asking that? You, who believe a boat load of conspiracies and think WND and Daily Wire are credible? how sad.

      • Wow Sherlock you sure seem to have everything wrapped up real nice, where can I get a crystal ball that works so well. I hope Hollywood police are not in charge of that investigation, they don’t exactly have a stellar reputation, in fact they are clowns.

      • Oh, please, it does not take a rocket scientist to connect the dots. There are over 30 deaths that are closely associated to the Clintons. Wasserman is facing some really hard time in prison in the future and the Democrats have no problem with murder to protect themselves and to further their agenda.

  1. she looks guilty as hell – stop the Russian investigation & start investigating her and involvement in the murders

  2. The attorney needs to ask for protection for himself too…unless he has already accepted protection from Oathkeepers. I’m an honorary member of Oathkeepers, but am in CA.

  3. IT’s clear that the DNC is nothing less than a mafia crime organization and is most likely involved in Seth Richies murder and others to make sure Hilda would get the Office and murder is nothing new to this crowd of Communists killers.

  4. Fake news….Has published dozen of fake stories, such as “claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK voted against Brexit.

  5. Corruption always sinks absolutely any government who embrace it and therefore even Clinton Inc thankfully has a shelf life

  6. This woman deserves everything that happens to her, she is corrupt as hell and needs to be sent straight to jail. NOW it appears lawyers are dying and Seth was killed and it may be that Wasserman is using some of killary’s methods. DEMS are just plain criminals and the entire party should be disbanded in the public’s best interests. DEMS have been corrupt for too many years and it is high time they were held accountable! NOW we can understand why Washington is so up in arms about Trump being elected, there is no dirt on Trump that these corrupt politicians can use to keep Trump from looking into all the illegalities so they don’t have anything to blackmail him with. I am sure some RHINOS are also are frightened. Couldn’t understand WHY Trump is hated so vehemently by these other politicians, NOW however I understand perfectly. DEMS are crooks and every last one of them should be investigated, thoroughly!!! A few RHINOS should be investigated as well. I remember I used to say all the time “politicians are all crooks” didn’t know it was actually true. Watch out you bunch of thieves, liars, lawless, greedy, cheaters, money launderers, moraless and disgusting DEMS and RHINOS, WE THE PEOPLE are pissed and we are coming after you, every last one!

    • Lordy, where do they get loons who believe all this BS? How gullible does one have to be to buy into this garbage? And then you start threatening us? Maybe you ought to be locked up!

      • yeah, the media and our intelligence agencies don’t typically give a lot of credence to criminals who steal classified info. Lock him up.

        • Sorry. Can’t lock him up. He got immunity from 2 district court judges — once they saw the evidence on the hard drives. But keep scratching and clawing for scraps of … something !!

          • limited immunity….not the same thing.

            BTW, did Montgomery win his defamation claim? What did he say under oath when asked if his software was a hoax? those 2 things tell us all we need to know about the great Dennis L Montgomery, a CI for sheriff arpaio and just an all round fraudster.

          • Yes I know he got limited immunity. Hahahaha. And he still gets to drag Comey to court.
            Hahahahahahah ! ! ! !

          • Hope it’s on so we can all see the difference between a com man and a respected man. Comey won’t take the 5th. your hero did.

          • I have no clue if Monty’ won his defamanation claim. Point is — he gets to drag Comey to court.
            (paus for laughter). I can tell you’re blowing a circuit because there’s nothing you can do about it..
            (pause for more laughter.)

          • I give you points for doubling down on conspiracies. Am not too worried about the con man taking down the respected Comey.

          • Did you just say “respected Comey”? LOL, that pretty much explains what planet you’re on. Get ready for more bad news, your respected leaders are about to go down hard…:)

          • yep, that is what i said. Oh i know the loons don’t like him…but that means squat.

          • his case was dismissed. not sure if that was before or after the con man took the 5th. Sorry, but i am not worried at all about a con man being able to best James Comey and i suspect that only the RW and a few left wing nuts are excited about it. Sad. But heh, maybe they can screech out another pizza joint sex ring claim for a few bucks.

          • So, are you highly suggesting 2 district court judges also had “something” to hide … thus, quickly gave Comey partial immunity?

          • Immunity can be withdrawn if entered into under good faith & if good faith isn’t honored by defendant. ie. Comey lying breaks that immunity deal

      • Lies within /to/about Congress are business as usual and ongoing. To be a Congressman you have to be a lawyer and to be a lawyer you have to be a liar hence my conclusion.

    • Are you aware that Your News Wire is a well known site of fake news. it’s a money making scheme/

      • Only if you apply the left wing test to it. That test being “Do I disagree with it” if so , then it’s fake news. Kind of a shallow and childish test, but then again, we are talking about liberals Democrats.

        • Actually, you could just read 20 articles from any month ago and would discover that 19/20 of them are false. That could give you a pretty good idea that is not childish or shallow. Of course, some people think that stereotyping liberals, conservatives, blacks, whites, whoever…as if they are all the same is shallow and childish, but then again, others go all in.

    • Yeah. DNC dornors have to have amnesia to forget how they were sabotaged! How DNC even said that just because they vote for a primary candidate doesn’t mean that the one who will run. The senior members/SUPER DELEGATES decided…they thought every dem knew that…silly! Yeah, right!

      They stand for nothing other than the fact that they are against everything Trump! They’re broke and HRC ain’t giving up a dime even though she seized the financial part of DNC and considered all donations to her fund as opposed to DNC…ask Donna Brazille if you don’t believe me!

      This is about the DNC, but the good part is when we get to the Pakistani family that had control over dem congressional computers…and lil deb kept him on until the last embarrassing minute…after his wife and kids had already fled back to Pakistan.

  7. Please investigate and please throw these corrupt, hateful, murdering people in prison, OMGosh, this sounds like the doings of Germany’s Gustop and such, where people are murdered for disagreeing with leadership. Do something quick please, save our good people!

  8. This is why they wont let up on the Trump investigations, Its time for Trump and Sessions to take these people out.

  9. So with all these convenient murders, the Trump team keeps taking daggers and moving backwards, never taking the offensive. Folks, I think this whole thing is just a fix, theater to fool the masses once again. The all powerful elite are just setting us up for the big kill.

  10. shhhh…..don’t let the media know about this…….if they find out it will be swept under the rug….

  11. You know what ya got when lawyers in DC and Florida are being found murdered ? ? ?
    A start. . . . . ..

    • Stupid comment, indeed. My wife is a lawyer, and we are thoroughly disgusted with your supposed “joke.”

  12. put the noose around Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s neck and let her swing till she can no longer murder people (about 6 hrs will do the job)

  13. But Mueller will drag out his ‘investigation’ with his Democrat contributors. It’s better than a pension!

  14. 3 high profile attorneys in 2 weeks? Who? 3 deaths, yes, but only one was an atty as per article. And they are more than a year apart. Am I missing something?

  15. If I wanted to comm it suisse I would just move to South Floride and Speak Out abut Debbie Wasserman Schultz. That should do the trick. Death by DNC. !!!

  16. She’s trying to be as evil as the Clintons. She’s way behind in body count. Maybe if she gets busted, she will sing about Hillary

  17. Just because Killary $ hubby don’t pull the trigger doesn’t mean they aren’t serial killers

  18. Debbie is evil like Hillary. Feds need to go after both, who were funded and befriended by Geoege Soros, most evil man on planet, but who also funds John McCain.

  19. Sounds like Debbie was correct about one thing. “There will be consquences” Baaaahaaaa!!! Can you say deep doo doo…

  20. Debbie Vasserman, HRC, Louis Lerner, Huma, Anthony the weiner, Sydney Bloomenthal — can someone explain why all these people are not already under criminal indictment?

  21. This seems more to be set up by the Putin/Trump WH to try deflect from their own treasonous collusion.

  22. of course it involves the DC police…they’re covering for Seths assassination by disappearing the 3 body cams and the video footage from the store across the street

  23. Dead bodies keep popping up around anyone associated with the Clinton crime machine & that goes right back to Arkansas when slick Willie was governor. What fools the Clinton’s, Obama’s and Debbie Wasserman are. They’re digging themselves a grave that they themselves will fall into. Everyone who does evil hates the light. They will not come to the light, because the light will show all the bad things they have done. (John 3:20)
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight! (Isaiah 5:20-21)
    For there are six things the Lord hates — no, seven: pride, lying, murdering, plotting evil, eagerness to do wrong, a false witness, sowing discord among brothers. (Proverbs 6:16-19)

  24. What is it about Clintonites? Dead bodies just seem to pile up as they make it to the top of Hillary’s hit list. Hillary, Obama, George Soros and Debbie Wasserman will all face one Judge that they can’t intimidate, lie to, refuse to cooperate with, run away from or murder. We may make our plans, but God has the last word. (Proverbs 16:1) Nothing can hide its evil as well as the human mind. It can be very sick, and no one really understands it. But I am the Lord, and I can look into a person’s heart. I can test a person’s mind and decide what each one should have. I can give each person the right payment for what they do. (Jeremiah 17:10) God doesn’t look at what people see. People judge by what is on the outside, but the Lord looks at the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7) If the evil does in the US government don’t confess their many sins and repent – they will face Jesus Christ to give account for their lives. Thinking they’re so clever and completely untouchable – they prove themselves to be liars, thieves and murders. For there are six things the Lord hates — no, seven: pride, lying, murdering, plotting evil, eagerness to do wrong, a false witness, sowing discord among brothers. (Proverbs 6:16-19) So I said to myself, God has planned a time for everything, and he has planned a time to judge everything people do. He will judge good people and bad people. (Ecclesiastes 3:17)

  25. The biggest blow-out stories: DWS/Awan and Las Vegas. Both crickets except alt-news networks. Even BB and Drudge are pretty quiet. Only one story on BB today about the “disappearance” of Jesus Campos.

  26. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is evil through and through. She serves Satan and unless she repents, she will burn in hell for all eternity with her madame Hillary Clinton and his infernal lowness Obama.

  27. Haha attorneys dont’ do anything but defend this is a stupid story. If it was the prosecutor of the case that would be a story. Thats like blaming Trump for the mass shooting becuase it happend in his country. This site is such garbage

  28. Well we know she did not fu-k them to death, they were probably given an ultimatum fu-k me or I will shoot you, and they all said pull the trigger.

  29. Sisters of the Soul: Hillary Clinton hired DWS on her personal staff before the sun went down on the day she had to resign her DNC chairmanship!
    These are the Lady Macbeth type of women….

  30. Their finances are faltering due to their failures…. comey, McCabe, hillary, and the whole gang are to be indicted….none will see prison but forever shamed….

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