Volunteers Save Stranded Orca In British Columbia

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Volunteers Save Stranded Orca In British Columbia

A young orca that found itself beached on some rocks was saved by a team of volunteers and researchers in Hartley Bay, on the North coast of British Columbia.

The volunteers managed to keep the orca alive by keeping it cool for eight hours until high tide

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According to Minds.com, the group responded to a call from a colleague about the beached orca which had became stranded during low tide:

“She cried often, which tore at our hearts, but as the tide came up there were many cheers as this whale was finally free,” said a Facebook post from the group The Cetacean Lab.

“We decided the best thing to do would be to keep her cool, that meant to put water on her body and we used blankets and sheets,” said Hermann Meuter, a co-founder of Cetacean Lab. It was the only thing we could do.”

At first, she was stressed, you could see that her breathing was getting a little faster,” said Meuter.  “I think she knew that we were there to help her,” noting that she began to calm down once they began helping her.

As the tide rose, the orca slowly began freeing herself.  “It took her about 45 minutes to negotiate how best to get off the rocks,” said Meuter. “We all just kept our distance at that point.”

When she finally broke free, she quickly joined up with other whales in her nearby pod.

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