VIDEO: Did A UFO Shoot Down The Russian Meteor?

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Russian meteor and UFO

The infamous meteor that struck Russia in 2013 has been the speculation of many conspiracy theories.  The video below examines on of the more prevalent ones:  did a UFO shoot the meteor to stop it from hitting a nuclear plant?

The video description states:

The bizarre theory is based on analysis of blurry footage of the space rock as it streaked across morning sky above the city of Chelyabinsk.

U.F.O enthusiasts insist a small ‘object’ can be seen colliding with the meteorite on its trajectory through the atmosphere, despite the fact there were no reports of Russia launching missiles to down the celestial intruder, they claim.

The watchers have seized on the unexplained images and an online debate is now underway in Russia with claims that ‘we were saved by a UFO’, reported the Siberian Times.

The meteorite exploded in the atmosphere on 15 February with a force as great as 30 Hiroshima nuclear bombs, causing extensive damage in Chelyabinsk and injuring around 1,200 people, many from shattered glass.
Alien enthusiasts have have seized on the unexplained images as evidence that ‘we were saved by a UFO’

Alien enthusiasts have have seized on the unexplained images as evidence that ‘we were saved by a UFO’

Estimated by Nasa to have been 55ft-wide and with a weight of some 10,000 tons, the meteor is thought to have exploded above the Ural mountains with a force equivalent to about 500kilotons.

Nuclear installations in the Urals remained undamaged by the fallout.

‘At first, we also believed that the Chelyabinsk meteorite was just an ordinary meteorite, a cosmic body,’ said Alexander Komanev, coordinator for the Russian UFO community in Yekaterinburg.

But on at least three films of the space rock ‘you can see how an object catches the meteorite’, he said.

This minuscule oblong-shaped object “flies into it – and the meteorite explodes and falls’.

He stressed: ‘Such a number of videos, made from different angles, leads us to believe that something has blown up the meteorite…’

He claimed that in the weeks before the meteorite, there was an upsurge in UFO sightings in the Urals, followed by none at all since the incident.

Footage seen ahead of the incident two ‘glowing bowls’ seen flying in the sky at night over the village of Chabry.

Separately in day time, similar objects were seen over Chelyabinsk, it is claimed.

On both occasions they moved across the sky, disappeared, and then returned.

Russia has called for major international efforts to develop the technology zap incoming space objects, but there is no suggestion any military strike was made at the meteorite on 15 February which was not spotted in advance.

Terrifying: Almost 1,200 people were injured when the meteor burst through the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 46,000mph on Friday, blowing out the windows of 900 schools and hospitals and damaging around 100,000 homes

The 100,000 tonne rock, measuring around 55 feet in diameter, created a huge hole in a frozen lake when it crashed into the ground.

Scientists have found more than 50 tiny fragments of the meteor, allowing them to uncover information about its contents.

Divers are believed to have located several lumps of the meteorite in Lake Chebarkul in Chelyabinsk region.

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